Sunday, May 6, 2012

Arranged: A Novel by Catherine McKenzie

About book:


Anne Blythe has a great life: a good job, good friends, and a potential book deal for her first novel.  When it comes to finding someone to share it with, however, she just can't seem to get it right. 

After yet another relationship ends, Anne comes across a business card for what she thinks is a dating service.  When her best friend, Sarah, announces she's engaged, Anne can't help feeling envious.  On an impulse, she dials the number on the card... but soon discovers the company isn't a dating service; it's an exclusive, and pricey, arranged-marriage service.  Anne initially rejects the idea, but the more she thinks about it - and the company's success rate - the more it appeals to her.  And so, a few months later, Anne is traveling to a Mexican resort, where in one short weekend she will meet and marry Jack.  And against all odds, everything seems to be working out...

My thoughts: 

Story:  Fun.
Writing:  Enjoyable.
Overall:  Great chick lit read!

Arranged was the perfect light read for a rainy afternoon.  I swear I sat down with my cuppa and  this book for just an hour of reading, but wound up staying put until I finished reading the entire thing.  It was such a fast and fun read that I couldn't put it down.  And truthfully, I was in the mood for a chick lit book and this one fit the bill perfectly.  It had a protagonist I could relate to, some romance, best friend drama, a break up to get through, and of course the typical, "happily ever after" ending that I love. 

The story is about Anne Blythe and her never-ending luck of dating the wrong guy.  She's just broken up for the umpteenth time, when she finds out that her best friend has gotten engaged.  Feeling lonely and a tad jealous, Anne decides to phone a dating service in the hopes of meeting someone new.  However, the dating service she sets up an appointment with turns out to be a company that specializes in arranged marriages.  Curious about the concept of an arranged marriage and the fact that the company boasts a 95 percent guarantee, Anne decides to plunge ahead with the matchmaking process.  She fills out forms, hands over a check and attends therapy sessions all in the hopes of finding her perfect match.  Meanwhile, Anne doesn't tell anyone about her arranged marriage and instead continues to go on bad dates, work on her book (that is getting published!), and discussing wedding plans with her best friend.  However, things go from hypothetical to very real when Anne gets the call that a match has been found.  Soon enough she is flying to Mexico to meet her future husband and find out if marriage really is all that she's always imagined it to be.  Of course, life never goes along with your plans, so there are plenty of highs and lows leading up to and following Anne's wedding day - you just won't believe it!  

Catherine McKenzie has written a smart and entertaining book filled with likeable and relatable characters that you can't help but root for.  And the story line itself, will have you eagerly turning pages to find out what happens next.   Arranged is the perfect read to while away the day with.  I would recommend it to anyone interested in chick lit (women's fiction).

*Thanks to William Morrow (an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers) for providing me with a copy of this great book!


bermudaonion said...

I love books that suck me in like that! This one sounds terrific!

Nadia said...

bermudaonion, me too! Those are the good reads that leave you feeling satisfied :) I think you'll like this one - its such a fun read!

Dot said...

I really like the sound of this, great review!

Nadia said...

Dot, I think you'd like this one ;) And thanks!

Jenna said...

Great review! I can definitely see this one ending up on my Beach Reads list this summer. I love books with a relatable female protagonist that doesn't wind up annoying me by the end of the story.

Nadia said...

Jenna, definitely a great pick for a beach read :) You will enjoy it!

Lisa said...

This sounds great - I'm definitely going to add it to the wish list!

Nadia said...

Lisa, it was such a fun read! I think you'll like it ;)

Unknown said...

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