Thursday, September 10, 2009

Twenties Girl in the Noughties World

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella is a typical chick lit book with a slight twist. We have a modern day gal struggling with her love life and career and suffering from a severe case of self doubt (typical chick lit); added to the mix, her dead great aunt Sadie's ghost pestering her about finding a necklace (twist). Lara has just chucked her job and opened a headhunting business with her best friend Natalie who has headed off to Goa with some guy thereby leaving Lara in the lurch (Lara has no headhunting experience). She's recently been dumped by her boyfriend Josh and is determined to get back together with him. And her parents are forcing her to attend the funeral of her great Aunt Sadie, a woman she never even knew. Talk about a jolly good life. It is at this funeral for dear Sadie that Lara's life begins to take a turn for the different. Whilst listening to the vicar drone on about a woman she hardly knew, Lara finds herself listening to the pleading of a young woman nearby who is looking for her necklace. This young woman turns out to be the ghost of Lara's great Aunt Sadie. Unable to believe what is happening Lara soon finds herself stopping the funeral and declaring that Sadie was murdered at her retirement home all in an attempt to prevent Sadie's body from being interred without her beloved necklace. Soon the hunt is on to find this one of a kind dragonfly necklace worn by aunt Sadie. Along the way, guided by Sadie, Lara soon finds herself asking out a stranger in the middle of a board meeting, dressing up like a twenties slapper, reuniting with her ex Josh and taking charge of her new company. Of course a wrench or two are thrown her way, but Lara battles it out and soon finds herself discovering who she really is. All in all a fun read. Albeit the beginning was a bit slow, but soon enough it picked up pace and I found myself reading non-stop to find out what would happen to Sadie, Lara and that necklace. Another book to cross off of my Random Reading Challenge list! Yay! And now I am picking up Sense and Sensibility for the Everything Austen Challenge. Happy Reading to all!!


Dot said...

Great review, I'm really looking forward to reading this!!

Stephanie said...

I think I'm going to have to request this one from the library - it sounds like a fun book!