Thursday, March 17, 2011

Villette: Week Six

We are at week six, which means we are covering chapters 26 through 30.  And it also means that I am finally enjoying Villette. Yes, you read that correctly, I like Villette - or at least, I like these chapters.  Why?  Well, Lucy has finally shown us that there is more to her than meets the eye - YAY!  And, I believe that I have been correct all along with regards to a certain relationship - Lucy and M. Paul.  I have been thinking for some time now that romance is on the horizon for those two.  How could it not be, with the way those two carry on with each other?  Its rather obvious that M. Paul's horrid behaviour (telling Lucy what to do, rifling through her belongings, spying on her, and glaring at her) coupled with his rare and odd attempts at kindness (leaving behind books for her to read, teaching her math, and asking her to call him friend), all equal love, or something of that nature.  Before we get to that, we must cover another story line - Polly and Ginerva.  Polly invites Lucy to dinner so that she can see whether or not Dr. John is over Ginerva - which of course must be difficult for Lucy, because I'm positive she held romantic feelings for Dr. John.  Mind you, she hasn't heard from him in ages, so who knows why she would think about him so much - did I mention that she rereads his letters much too often and in order to avoid anyone else reading them she bottles them up and hides them away.  I swear Lucy reminds me of a silly schoolgirl at times - like with the letters. Anyhow, she attends this dinner and its rather obvious that Dr. John likes Polly and considers Lucy a friend, a "quiet" friend to be exact.   This sticks with Lucy, as she becomes aware of how people view her, how little Dr. John truly knows her, and how much more alive she feels when she is around M. Paul.  By the by, did I mention that Lucy lets Ginerva have it in the carriage ride home after Polly's dinner (yes, Ginerva was at the dinner, because what better way to see who Dr. John likes better, than to have both young women present).  It seems to me that Lucy's spirit is finally peeking through her "quiet" demeanor.  And so we continue to read about M. Paul and Lucy's relationship as it continues to evolve.  We find Lucy making some sort of belt for M. Paul - she is going to surprise him with it on his special day at the school - that whole scene had me cracking up at the way M. Paul expected presents from everyone and kept waiting for Lucy to brings hers to his desk - hilarious!! Oh, and the we discover the school is haunted by a nun - the same nun that has terrorized Lucy.  Apparently, M. Paul has seen this nun, too.  Talk about a way to bond.  Anyhow, the main point is that I smell love in the air for Lucy and that puts a smile on my face.  Not only is Lucy finally speaking out and expressing herself more freely, but she will finally experience love with someone who loves her back.  At least I hope that is what happens. 

And so I'm off to find out what will transpire between Lucy and M. Paul. Until next week, Happy Reading!!


Alex (The Sleepless Reader) said...

I also enjoyed these chapters, they were the best so far, but I'm not convinced about M. Paul. It seems that's the way the story is going, but I just don't like him (yet). What happened at Hotel Crecy scared me a bit, as do all hit-then-kiss attitudes.

Mady said...

These were probably the chapters I read the fastest! However, I can't care for M Paul. He's so unpreditable and sometimes so choleric and he tries to humiliate Lucy. Is this love? :P
But then, I'm also not sure if I can trust Lucy as a narrator, she's proved her "unreliability" before!

Nadia said...

Alexandra and Mady, I know what you mean. You both are right, M. Paul is a less than ideal mate for Lucy, but I do wonder how accurate a portrayal of him we are getting, considering how misleading Lucy can be as narrator. Should be interesting to find out what happens between them in the future.

Karen K. said...

I agree, this section of the book really picked up for me also -- in fact, I was on a roll and finished the book this week. I think I'm going to just wrap it up and post my final thoughts (without spoilers, of course). I ended up liking it but I did have some issues with the story. I'll say no more.

Nadia said...

Karen, I read ahead and contemplated just finishing the book. Maybe I'll just finish it this week so that I can post a final review next week. Now I need to read your review. And what issues did you have? Did Lucy not find her love in the end? I hope its not a depressingly sad ending. Crikey, I need to finish it.