Monday, July 2, 2012

It's time for Paris in July!

Another July in Paris - Hurrah!  I'm so excited! Thanks to BookBath and Thyme for Tea it looks like I will be indulging in another Paris-centric summer!  I can't wait to start!  And I'm excited to read everyone's posts and find out what French-tastic book, film or food they've enjoyed. 

Okay, so what exactly is this Paris in July challenge I'm referring to?  Its a month-long challenge devoted to all things Paris.  Here are the details:

"Paris in July will run from the 1st - 31st July 2012 and the aim of the month is to celebrate our French experiences through reading, watching, listening to, observing, cooking and eating all things French.  There will be no rules or targets in terms of how much you need to do or complete in order to be a part of Paris in July - just blog about anything French and you can join in. Some ideas for the month might include:

- Reading a French book - fiction or non-fiction

- Watching a French movie

- Listening to French music

- Cooking French food

- Experiencing French art, architecture or travel (or remembering travel experiences)

- Or anything else French inspired you can think of..."
And that is all!  How easy is that?  Seriously?!  One French book or one French movie - and you are done!  Love it!  Actually, as I sit here listening to Tiersen (amazing French musician!!), I'm starting to wonder what I'll be reading or watching for this challenge.  Hmmm....here are a few of my ideas:

What do you think? Some pretty good choices, eh? If you have any recommendations, let me know.  As for now, I'm off to get me a macaroon and listen to some more Tiersen.  Adieu!


Mrs. Fry said...

Who Paris My sweet looks good, and I can't wait to hear what you think of Midnight in Paris.

Lisa said...

You've got a great plan! I think I'll just be winging it. But a movie should definitely be in my plans - there are so many great movies that where Paris plays a big part.

Caroline said...

I'm joining again this year as well.
I think we are spoilt for choice. Whichever you prefer, French books, movies or music, you're bound to find ggreat things.
I like Midnight in Paris a lot.
I watched "Paris" with Juliette Binoche last year and loved it.
I want to read either de Rosnay's The House I loved or Zola's Nana.
Enjoy your choices.

Nadia said...

Brenda, I know you loved that movie, so I'm looking forward to it ;)

Lisa, thanks! I always pick specific titles and then wind up reading something else. ugh! Either way, its a fun challenge. Can't wait to see what you pick! And yes, watch a movie - there are so many great ones!

Caroline, that's great! Can't wait to see what you write about for this challenge ;) And yes, you are so right, we are overwhelmed with options - I love it! The Binoche movie sounds great! I've yet to read anything by Zola - hmmm...perhaps its time. Both books sound great! Enjoy Paris in July!

Paulita said...

I put Paris My Sweet on my list. Thanks for the tip. I love.... Midnight in Paris. Why hasn't anyone bought it for me yet?Here's My Paris in July post for today

Kelly said...

Midnight is Paris is one of my favorite movies! It really is perfect for anyone who loves the city and loves literature :)

bermudaonion said...

Watch Midnight in Paris - it's great! Have fun with the challenge!

Nadia said...

Paulita, that's great! We can both chat about it. So far, I'm loving it! And, I've heard so many great things about that film, I'm wondering why I haven't seen it yet:)

Kelly, that's great to know! Now I can't wait to see it ;)

bermudaonion, thanks! I plan to ;)

JoAnn said...

Midnight in Paris was wonderful! I'll have to watch it again sometime this month.

Nadia said...

JoAnn, that seems to be the consensus :) Enjoy watching it again and I look forward to watching it for the first time!

Amanda said...

Oooo I love love their Paris in July thing. I've been dying to watch the movie Midnight in Paris. I have Death in the City of Light on my shelf to read as well. Must pick that up. Oooo...and something light and fun. Maybe a foodie book.

Elaine Kay Smith said...

What a great concept! Okay--I own Midnight in Paris and already watch it at least once a month, so that feels like cheating so maybe I'll read something I haven't yet--I'll check out Paris My Sweet. A friend recommended Suite française, so maybe I'll do that too.