Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Taste of You: The Epicurean Book 1 by Sorcha Grace

about book:

For lovers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You comes a deliciously sexy romance with a culinary twist!

She didn’t know how hungry she was…Beautiful and talented Catherine Kelly is intent on starting over as a food photographer in Chicago.  With her painful past buried over 2000 miles away, she’s focused on her career and is hungry for little else.  Until she meets William Lambourne, a wealthy bachelor with arresting blue-grey eyes filled with enough tragedy to match her own.  William urges Catherine to step out from behind her camera and fully taste all that life has to offer, stirring an appetite in her she never knew she possessed - and it’s one only he can satisfy.

He couldn’t wait to feed her…A gourmand who takes great pleasure in food and in women, William Lambourne is rich, powerful, and gorgeous -- and as talented in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom. Longing for a woman to truly savor, William finds his match in Catherine. From the moment he meets her, he is determined to discover the perfect recipe to unlock Cat’s resolve, awaken her senses, and make her his own.

Theirs is a meal worth savoring…William is as mysterious as he is passionate, but as Catherine begins to fall for the stormy-eyed billionaire, she knows she must reveal her own dark secrets. But first, William must win Cat’s heart to ensure their pasts don’t undo them.

Book 1 in The Epicurean series, A Taste of You will leave you ravenous for more of Cat and William’s story!

my thoughts:

Deliciously sinful!  That is what comes to mind when I think of this book. The first in a new hot and sexy series, A Taste of You, introduces us to Sorcha Grace's delectable writing and steamy hot story lines.  This book is racy, with a capital 'R' and I loved it.  Yes, I'm admitting to enjoying this book and I'm not ashamed.  I didn't think I was one for erotic fiction, but it turns out that I'm a fan.  Or at least I have been of the three books I've read from that genre - this being the third.  Anyhow, I like these books and A Taste of You was no exception.

I devoured this book in one sitting - it was that unputdownable!  The writing was engaging, vivid, and filled with oh so many sexy scenes that I couldn't help but blush while I read the book.  The story centers on a young woman named Cat who has relocated to the Windy City.  A photographer of food, Cat has a new client and is busy at work when she bumps into the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on.  They chat very briefly and then he is gone.  She tells her best friend Beckett about him and nicknames the man, Stormy Eyes.  Well, I'm sure you know what happens next...they meet once again and the sparks are flying.  There is just this instant attraction and this jolt of electricity that seems to manifest each time they touch.  Of course, Stormy Eyes aka William, is rather blunt about his intentions toward Cat and she isn't quite sure what to think.  She rebuffs him and winds up thinking about him non-stop.  Fast forward a bit and we find Cat and William engaged in rather uncompromising positions, but seemingly happy to be together.  Until tidbits of information come out that wind up causing a bit friction between the couple.  Some of the information is questionable, but explained away.  However, there are some things that can't just be forgotten or ignored and those wind up driving a huge wedge between the lovers.  I don't want to say that a happy ending ensues, but it does - for now.  You see, this is the first book in a series and the ending will have you going, "What?!" - or at least I did.  I really can't wait to find out what happens next - will this latest revelation bring them closer or drive them further apart? 

I would most definitely recommend this book to all fans of erotic fiction, sexy stories, and women's fiction.  You will love this book and fall in deep with the likes of Cat and William - I know I did!  I just loved the fun and sexy writing and couldn't help but root for these characters - you want them to have their happy ending!  Oh, and I couldn't help but love Beckett, Cat's BFF who is there for her through thick and thin, and always with a yummy dessert on hand to tide them over.  I'm really looking forward to finding out what direction Sorcha Grace will be taking this love story next! 

To find out more about the author and her new book, head on over to her Facebook page: Sorcha Grace.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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