Friday, October 17, 2014

Bookish and Non-Bookish Thoughts...

Its Friday and the weekend is nigh - woo hoo!  I've been ill all week with a horrid cold, so I've been watching too much telly and reading magazines.  I did start reading two new books (Us by David Nicholls and The Red Book of Primrose House by Marty Wingate), which I am really enjoying.  And I've been jotting down recipes ideas for Thanksgiving - yes, I know its early, but I can't help it!  Anyhow, just wanted to share a few musings with you:
  • My mom's 60th birthday party was a success - hurrah!  She enjoyed getting to see her family and friends and dancing the night away.  My sister and I were going crazy all last week and the day of the party trying to sort out last minute details - it was stressful, but well worth it all in the end.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves - lots of eating, drinking, and dancing.  It was such a great night.
  • Murakami didn't win the Nobel, again.  UGH! I'm getting so annoyed by this - why can't they just recognize that his writing is worthy of a Nobel?!?  At least I have his new book to look forward to:
  • I've become obsessed with watching Oprah's Super Soul Sunday shows - they are so good!  I always find myself feeling inspired afterward.  The one with Elizabeth Gilbert was great!  I loved her coffee can story - I've been repeating it to family.  And, I've started my own coffee can.
  • The Walking Dead has begun and I am hooked.  That show just gets better and better. I loved watching the gang get out of Terminus.  I loved watching Carol be such a badass.  I loved watching Daryl and Carol reunite - and Carol and Rick.  And, I really loved seeing Morgan at the end of the episode.  This season is going to be AMAZING!!
  •  Sophie Kinsella and Alexander McCall Smith both have books coming out this month and I am super excited about it.  I love the Shopaholic series and can't wait to find out what Becky Bloomwood is up to now - especially as she is in Hollywood!  As for Precious Ramotswe, I am so eager to learn about what new cases she is solving and how her family and friends are faring in beautiful Botswana.  October is going to be a great reading month!
  • I've been listening to the new James CD, La Petit Mort, for days now and find myself loving it more and more.  I first discovered this band in college and have been listening to them ever since.  I was lucky enough to see them perform at Wembley Arena in London during grad school - they were fantastic live!  Here's one of my favorites by them:

And now, I'm off to tackle the rest of my Friday.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Happy reading to all!!


Brandie said...

I hope you're feeling better! Glad your mom's party was a big success!!

I had just started getting into The Walking Dead the last few episodes last season. It's definitely starting to grow on me the more I watch it and I'm intrigued! I look forward to this weekend's episode.

I haven't read a Kinsella book in far too long - I should revisit her stuff sometime.

Have a wonderful weekend!

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Brandie, thanks! I feel a little better, but I still have a cough - ugh! The party was awesome! TWD is amazing - so glad you are watching it now ;) Me, too! Haven't read Kinsella in ages, so I'm really looking forward to her latest. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!!

Ti said...

I hope you are feeling a bit better. I had that cold and it lasted well over three weeks. I just got a flu shot on Wednesday and now I am itching all over!! Ugh!

Murakami. I know he doesn't like to be in the limelight. You think that is part of it? Like, maybe they want someone who they know is going to promote the award, etc.

TWD. OMG. I can go on and on about that show. American Horror Story is proving to be quite odd and I can't help but like it.

Tom Cunliffe said...

My wife is a huge fan of the Walking Dead and has to wait a few months before it is available over here in the UK.

Meredith said...

I'm sorry you've been sick, my friend, but I'm glad your mother'S birthday was a success. And, another Murakami in the same year makes me swoon. (Stupid prizes, those committees never get it right.) Are you reading for the read-a-thon tomorrow? Or maybe just watching more television? 😉

Brona said...

Sorry you've been unwell, but you've cheered me up no end with this post.

1. I'm also a Walking Dead fan, but half way through season 4, Mr Books & I decided our 2 teens were old enough to watch the series with us...so we started at Season 1 again.

This week we finally caught up to the part of Season 4 none of us have watched (the big show down has just occurred at they've all separated. Some have just spotted the signs for Terminus). We're recording Season 5 so we can go straight onto it.

2. I'm also a huge James fan, but didn't realise there was a new CD. I'm working extra shifts this week & I now know what my reward will for myself next payday :-)

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Ti, thanks. I am feeling better - finally! I swear this cold didn't want to let go - ugh! That's crazy about the flu shot! Hope the itching stops ASAP! I never thought about that, but I could see that. Murakami is a bit of a hermit, so it would make sense that they want someone who embraces publicity a bit more. Still disappointing though. TWD is amazing!! Love watching that show - its my fave!! As for American Horror, I'm not liking it as much as I thought I would.

Tom, your wife has great taste in TV shows ;) She is going to love the new season - it is fantastic!!

Meredith, thanks - luckily, I'm feeling loads better. The party was amazing - she loved it! I know - more Murakami!! They don't get it right - why is that!?! How was the read-a-thon? I finished one book, but that was it. Wound up spending the day with family instead.

Brona Joy, thanks for that :) TWD is such a great show. I recently watched the whole series again and can't get over how much they've all changed since the first season. You are going to love this new season - its crazy/good! Hurrah! Another James fan - I love it! Yes, a new CD and I love it. Reminds me why I love their music so much :) Let me know what you think of it!

Lisa said...

So glad to hear your mom's party was such a great success! It does make it all worth it when the guest of honor has a wonderful time and everyone enjoys themselves.