Friday, October 28, 2016

Bookish and Non-Bookish Thoughts...

Everyone seems to be posting their Five Things Friday, so I thought this week I'd jump on the bandwagon.  Here are mine:

The Walking Dead. I'm still recovering from losing both Abraham and Glenn. I had an inkling Glenn would be killed after watching the episode from last season where they kill Negan's men at the drop off place that the Hilltop used.  After he kills someone in their sleep, he looks up and posted on the wall are Polaroids of people that Negan's killed.  Talk about foreshadowing.  Except, I didn't want to believe it.  So, when Abraham got Lucille'd I was happy it wasn't Glenn.  And then Daryl had to react to Negan's taunts - ugh!  Why did he have to punch Negan?!  Poor Glenn. That death broke my heart. Especially with that scene at the end where they are all sitting at the dinner table - major tearjerker!

Magazines. I've been flipping through my latest issues of O, Real Simple, and Food Network.  They all talk about Thanksgiving.  Ack! So, now I have it in my head that I need to plan Thanksgiving already. How big should the turkey be? What sides should I make? What flowers should I get for the table setting? The list goes on.  So many decisions and it seems like I'm being rushed to make them. Luckily, the calendar disagrees and I have plenty of time. 

Speaking of rushing the holidays, Hallmark is going to start showing Christmas movies day in and day out as of 10pm (EST) on Friday (28th).  Christmas in October....hmm....what happened to Halloween?  Truth be told, I do love Christmas, so I'm pretty excited to kick off that holiday season early. In fact, I may just have to dig out my Christmas decorations earlier this year to join in on the fun.  What do you think? Is it too early for eggnog?

Books. Too many books to choose from. I was on a reading jag and loving it.  Now, I'm stuck trying to figure out what to read next. I was going to read The Mothers, but I'm just not in the mood. I was thinking of diving into Ann Patchett's first book, The Patron Saint of Liars, but I'm not sure I want to read that right now.  Ugh! Its frustrating me that I can't decide what to read.  Usually, I pick up something easy like a YA or chick lit novel to get me going, but this time that trick didn't work.  I read All Laced Up and The Bad Boy Bargain, but they were ridiculously predictable and didn't spark my reading mojo. So, now I'm thinking that maybe I need to pick up an old favorite and read that instead.  Something by Vonnegut maybe. Hmm...what do you recommend?

Lady Gaga's new album, Joanne.  I bought it on a whim and haven't stopped listening to it since. I love the feel of the album and the songs are just terrific. I'm crushing hard on two songs in particular - Joanne and Million Reasons. I have them both on repeat.  Have a listen:

There you have it, my list of Five Things Friday.  And now, I'm off to keep listening to Joanne while I look through my bookshelves for my next read.  Hope you have a great weekend! Happy reading!!


Brandie said...

Love these posts!!

I need to check out Gaga's album. I'm wondering if I can get it free on my Amazon unlimited...will check today!

I'm not a Walking Dead fan, but my husband watches it, and I did watch the episode with him. Talk about shocking and gory!! Wow, I was so shocked.

I do wish they wouldn't start celebrating with Christmas stuff for a few more weeks. I like to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving first. :) I'm already freaking out about having to get my Christmas shopping done!!

Have a great weekend, Nadia!

Nadia said...

Brandie, thanks! I got inspired by your Friday posts :)

Definitely check out her new album - its sooo good!!

Yes! It was awful watching Negan take out Glenn - made me cry. Such a good episode!!

I know! All this rushing with the holidays makes me think that I'm behind on everything when I'm really not. Its crazy! I like celebrating each holiday each month, too. That's what makes them special. The rushing through them takes away from them a little.

Hope you have a great weekend, too!!

Lisa said...

Oh you are too funny - first thinking it's too early for Thanksgiving and then thinking about decorating for Christmas! I actually got my Halloween decorations out much earlier than I usually do and it's really helping me enjoy fall more this year. Come Tuesday I will swap out the witches for pilgrims, turkey's and cornucopias and make the most of Thanksgiving as well!

Ti said...

Glenn, Glenn, Glenn. Will we ever recover? It will be weird to see the show this Sunday and know that he is no longer of this world. I don't wanna. I had forgotten about the foreshadowing in those snapshots.

I didn't see much of Gaga in this season's American Horror Story but I guess she is out promoting that new album.

Lark said...

I'm not sure I can keep watching TWD without Glenn; he was one of my favorite characters. And poor Maggie! The show just won't be the same without him. :(

Andi said...

I've been itching for new music, and I really like Gaga's latest single. Will have to give the album a go!

Athira said...

I've still not recovered from losing Glenn. How do we watch a TWD without Glenn in it? Such a horrific scene. And then they give us that scene at the end. I just about bawled when that came.

Nadia said...

Lisa, thanks :) You make a good point, it does allow us to enjoy the season much longer than normal. I like that you take everything out early - from witches to pilgrims :)

Ti, I know! Its going to be strange without Glenn on the show. I don't want to see that world. Ugh! Its just too sad :( I forgot about AHS - I'm so behind on episodes already. I need to catch up.

Lark, I know!! Mine, too!! You are so right :(

Andi, you are going to love her new album - its so good! I have it on repeat :)

Athira, me too! Its too sad :( That's what I was wondering - it just won't be the same. I couldn't believe it when I was watching it - so horrible!