Friday, May 5, 2017

My Friday Five...

1.  Just finished reading:

The Auster was AMAZING! Literature at its finest.  I loved the way he wrote about the same character, but split that character up into different stories.  The idea that one event can alter someone's life completely, which is precisely how we were able to read four different stories about the same person.  It was cool to see the different trajectories the character's life took.  And, I loved how the peripheral characters were in his life, but in such different ways due to the different paths he took.  So cool!  As for the Jenny Han trilogy, I had to find out what would happen to LJ and Peter! Plus, I wanted something light and fun to read after the Auster. 

2. Just Received:

I've heard nothing but great things about the Ellwood, so I can't wait to dive right in.  As for the Carlino, I've always enjoyed her books and know this should be a fun read.

3. I bought:
You know my love of all things Paris, which means you'll understand why I had to buy a copy of this new book.  I've only flipped through the book so far, but from what I've seen I just know I'm going to enjoy reading it so much. I plan to savor this one - maybe I'll wait til the Paris In July challenge to read it. 

4.  TV shows.  So many reality shows to love/hate and two actual TV shows to enjoy. 
  • The Good Witch.  The citizens of Middleton are back and I'm so excited.  I just love this Hallmark series about Cassie, her family, and friends.  From the trailer alone, I can already tell that this is going to be a fun and drama filled season - hurrah!  So far, we've found out that Cassie and Sam are indeed dating - hurrah! And, there is a magical plant that only blooms once in a blue moon, but when it does all of Middleton is showered with good luck for the year.  How awesome does that sound!?  Except, someone has cut off a stem from the magical plant and now Cassie isn't feeling up to her usual magical self.  Hmm... seems the plant and Cassie are linked - this spells trouble!
  • Better Call Saul.  Gus Fring, the cartel, Hector, and Trout - woo hoo! I loved this ep and all its "Breaking Bad" glory! As for Jimmy, he signed a confession and Chuck got what he wanted - ugh!  Except, Jimmy and Kim seem to have a plan - my fingers are crossed it works out for them both!
  • Southern Charm.  Shep gets mad that Austen is going out with a woman that Shep went on one date with. Apparently, Austen broke "bro code".  Hmm...the only trouble with that notion, is that Shep has repeatedly broken "bro code" before and admitted that when it comes to love, all is fair in love and war.  So, he's basically being jelly over a woman that he now only likes because his friend is dating her.  Crazy!  As for Craig, his MBA gf is getting tired of his life of leisure.  Either study for the bar and pass it, or get a job! So much petty drama - I love it!
  • Real Housewives of NYC.  Its election time (or it was when they filmed) and Carole is out canvassing the streets of PA with her mother.  She's also hosting an election night party.  Ramona's been dis-invited because she doesn't give an "eff" about HC.  The night is long and as we all know the results are not good - no one is partying at Carole's party.  Dorinda has planned a huge party to celebrate Ramona's 60th birthday - in fact, she's even planned a decoy party to throw Ramona off.  Of course Ramona being Ramona has double booked herself for the night.  Everyone's worried that she's not going to make it to her own surprise party.  In the end, she shows up and gets yelled "Surprise!" at.  Another great ep of reality TV.
5.  Gregory Alan Isakov.  Where has this man been!?! I stumbled upon the song Amsterdam thanks to the GIRLS TV show and couldn't get it out of my head.  So, I looked up the song and singer and now I'm hooked!  Folk music FTW!!

And now, I'm off to visit with my sister. Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Happy reading!!


Brandie said...

I must be a glutton for punishment. I got a copy of Carlino's new book, even though I didn't like her last two books. I keep hoping I'll change my mind about her, because everyone seems to love her books!

Enjoy your visit with your sister and have a great weekend!

Nadia said...

Brandie, I know what you mean. I think I only really liked one of her books that I first read, but I keep reading them in the hopes that I'll like another one. It makes no sense - LOL! Hope we both like this new one :) Thanks!!

Ti said...

I am the one who got my husband to watch Breaking Bad and he loved it. Now he is all caught up with Saul and I need to start from episode one. I know the last epi was great because of all the hype on FB plus that is when my husband really started pushing me to watch so I will be watching soon.

Today is Friday and all I am thinking about is chips and salsa. I am going to Mexican restaurant for lunch and it's brunch all day long. Although, now since I am cutting back my lunch is really a lot of salad and some chips but a girl can dream.

Nadia said...

Ti, watch Saul - your husband is pushing you to watch such a great show! You are going to LOVE it!! I loved Breaking Bad - such a smart show! Chips and salsa sound perfect for Cinco de Mayo :) Enjoy your brunch!! And have a great weekend :)

bermudaonion said...

Oooh, I want The New Paris!

Lisa said...

Since we switched television providers, I don't get Bravo in the kitchen any more which is where I always watched it while I was cooking or eating - I miss all of the crazy reality shows!

Nadia said...

Kathy, yes! Definitely get your hands on a copy = you will LOVE it :)

Lisa, that rots! I mean, I hope the new provider is a better deal, but that stinks that you can't watch Bravo while you cook :( Those crazy reality shows are the best - such easy shows to get caught up in :) Don't worry though, you aren't missing much - its all the same dramas.

Terra said...

Love that song Amsterdam. I'm looking forward to Better Call Saul's new season, I cut cable so have to wait a bit.