Friday, September 17, 2021

My Friday Five...

1.  Books.  My TBR pile has grown exponentially. I can't seem to stop buying books. I am addicted and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I just love discovering new-to-me authors, or collecting new editions of my favorite reads. The only problem is where to put them all. Talk about bookish worries. By the by, here are some of my new reads:

2. TV.  It's all about the Housewives lately. I need silly and ridiculous TV to distract me from the ugliness happening all around. So, Beverly Hills and New York City to the rescue. 

3. Planners.  I have fallen down the planner rabbit hole on IG and Youtube. Paper and Cloth, Filofax, Hobonichi, Midori, and The Happy Planner. So many choices...ack! I love the variety, but I'm having a hard time choosing what will work for me next year. #distractions

4.  Music.  Stevie Wonder's greatest hits are on repeat lately. I am just in that kind of mood, where only old school music will soothe my frazzled mind. 

5.  Anxiety. Yep, my anxiety is back and in full force. Depression is nearby and pays the occasional visit. I'm working hard to not let either one dominate my life. It's not easy, but I am having more 'good' days lately. 'Good' meaning no panic attacks, or anxiety-riddled thoughts on repeat in my brain.  There's just so much to worry about and stress out over lately, that life just seems harder than usual. I'm sure we all feel that way. How can we not, right? I try to dig deep and remind myself that I can do hard things - of course, I have to remind myself over and over, but whatever works, right?

And now, I'm off to watch more planner videos and figure out how I want to change the setup in my office. Hope you all have a great weekend! Happy reading!!


Lisa said...

It's so hard not to let anxiety overwhelm you these days, especially when it's always a part of your life. Good for you to seek out the things that bring you comfort. Even though those Housewives are always a disaster, you know what to expect so I always find them fun, too.

Vintage Reading said...

I've had brushes with anxiety in the past, too. Reading and rest always helps. Hope it eases soon for you.