Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Stay Awake: A Novel by Megan Goldin

(Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book!)

about book: (summary from Goodreads)

Liv Reese wakes up in the back of a taxi with no idea where she is or how she got there. When she’s dropped off at the door of her brownstone, a stranger answers―a stranger who now lives in her apartment and forces her out in the cold. She reaches for her phone to call for help, only to discover it’s missing, and in its place is a bloodstained knife. That’s when she sees that her hands are covered in black pen, scribbled messages like graffiti on her skin: STAY AWAKE.

Two years ago, Liv was living with her best friend, dating a new man, and thriving as a successful writer for a trendy magazine. Now, she’s lost and disoriented in a New York City that looks nothing like what she remembers. Catching a glimpse of the local news, she’s horrified to see reports of a crime scene where the victim’s blood has been used to scrawl a message across a window, the same message that’s inked on her hands. What did she do last night? And why does she remember nothing from the past two years? Liv finds herself on the run for a crime she doesn’t remember committing as she tries to piece together the fragments of her life. But there’s someone who does know exactly what she did, and they’ll do anything to make her forget―permanently.

In the vein of SJ Watson’s Before I Go to Sleep and Christopher Nolan’s cult classic Memento, Megan Goldin’s Stay Awake is an electrifying novel that plays with memory and murder. 

my thoughts:

Wow! What a thrilling and suspense-filled story! I was hooked right from the start and would not put this book down for anything. I had to find out what would happen next and whodunit. Stay Awake by Megan Goldin was a mesmerizing and exciting read - I absolutely LOVED it to bits!! What a fantastic story!!

Liv wakes up outside her home and finds a stranger at the door. Say what? Yep, someone else is living in her home and turfs her out. Shocked and confused, she automatically reaches for her phone to find out what is going on. Except, she doesn't have her phone. In fact, all she has on her is a bloody knife and the words "STAY AWAKE" scrawled on her hands. Hmm....looks like Liv is about to get a rude awakening. And, that is all I will write about this terrific story filled with shocking twists and turns. You must read it for yourself to find out what happened to Liv - whoa!

Goldin has written a smart and compelling story that makes for quite a wild and adventurous read. The characters are unreliable, flawed, and so much fun to read about. And their story is just riveting. Talk about an unputdownable book!

I would happily recommend Stay Awake to anyone and everyone looking for their next great read - you will LOVE the thrills and suspense!! Check it out ASAP!!

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book!

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