Sunday, January 1, 2023

2023 Bookish Resolutions

 1.  Read. Yep, simple as that. Just read. My reading fell to the wayside last year and I am not having it this year. I need to read - it's what makes me happy. So, this year is all about doing the things that make me happy and reading is on that list. 

2.  Books.  To buy or not to buy, that is the question. All last year I bought books and I read a few of them, but the majority are now piled up around my bookshelves. So, I am thinking that a book buying ban needs to be in place during 2023. With exceptions, of course. Those exceptions being: new books by favorite writers can be purchased and new-to-me editions of my favorite books can be bought. That's it though - no other reason to buy a new book. Fingers crossed I stick to this one. Especially after reading this article about the struggle of bibliophiles and all their books - yikes! Here's the link: drowning in books

3.  Book blog.  Write more reviews! Post about all things books, journals, etc.. Just blog. 

4.  Planners.  Use what I bought for 2023 and stop buying more planners. I am addicted to trying all the new planner formats, because I'm convinced that I will finally find the one that will help me to organize my life. Yeah, a planner is not going to organize anything for me, I need to do that. 

5.  Journals. Stop buying journals. I have way too many. 

6.  A photo a day journal. Inspired by Patti Smith's latest book, A Book Of Days, I want to take a photo a day, print it out and paste it in a journal and then write a caption for it. I loved her book and I love the idea, so that's something I want to do in 2023. 

7.  Recipe book. I bought a journal specifically to write family recipes in and I have yet to use it. So, this is the year I use it and actually write family recipes in it. I also want to add a photo of the food for each recipe. 

8.  Five year journal. I bought a five year Hobonichi and plan on using it for my gratitude journal. I've been using a gratitude journal for years now, so I thought that a five year one would be a good idea. Hopefully, I will enjoy using the same journal for five years. 

As of now, those are my bookish resolutions for the new year. I might add more as the year progresses. Either way, I'm excited to start working on them. Picking up a book to read is the perfect way to kick off the New Year and my resolutions, so that is exactly what I will be doing. 

In fact, I think I've just thought of a 9th resolution: Reading Challenges. Join in and have fun. I'm participating in the Japanese Literature Challenge 16, hosted by my dear friend Meredith of Dolce Bellezza, which kicks off this month and goes through February. So, I'm thinking maybe joining in some other reading challenges will help get me to read more books. We'll see. 

Anyhow, that is where I'm at bookish-wise. Hope you all are well and cozied up with a book or three. I wish you all a very Happy New Year filled with lots of great books. Happy reading!!

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