Friday, July 17, 2009

A Clueless Bridget Jones's Diary Task

For my first Austenish item I selected to watch Clueless and Bridget Jones's Diary (mainly because they were on the telly and I was not in the mood to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies at the time). The former is inspired by the Austen novel, Emma. In Clueless, we have a beautiful, young, rich, girl who lives with her father in a gorgeous estate. Her name is Cher(Emma). Throughout the movie we learn that Cher likes to match make and argue with her cute older stepbrother named Josh(Knightley). Cher spends her time with her friends shopping and wondering how to catch the eye of the cute guy in her class named Christian(Frank), who turns out to be a better friend than boyfriend. As for her new project of making over Tai(Harriet) and attempting to set her up with Elton(Mr. Elton), lets just say it doesn't work out as planned. Instead Cher realizes that Tai has always been interested in Travis(Mr. Martin) and vice versa. As for Cher, well, her feelings towards Josh(Knightley) are changing and she soon realizes that she has fallen in love with him. In the end Cher and Josh wind up happily ever after, just as Emma and Knightley did in the book Emma. Overall, any viewing of Clueless is fun and comparing it to Emma was a blast. It was neat to be able to notice which characters were the ones from the book and realize how much the film resembles the book. Definitely a fun movie watch! As for Bridget Jones's Diary, well, we know that it is inspired by Pride and Prejudice. We have Bridget who is Elizabeth and Mark Darcy who is Darcy. The movie has Bridget falling for the wrong guy and discovering that the right guy is the one who has appeared to dislike her from the get go. We see the transformation of Bridget when she decides to quit her job and accept that her romance with Daniel Cleaver is never going to be the great relationship she was imagining for herself. We see Bridget take charge of her life and realize that what she has are dear friends who love her, crazy parents who care about her in their own way and a new job on the telly. She also realizes how much Mark Darcy has always cared for and finds herself caring for him. In the end both Bridget and Mark wind up happy and together. I have read both Bridget Jones's books and watched both films and I have always found them to be quite entertaining. Watching the first film and comparing it with Pride and Prejudice was great! It was easy to see how much of the book was in the movie and wonderful to take note of what parts of the film resembled parts of the book. It was neat to imagine Bridget and Darcy as Elizabeth and Darcy and how their disdain for each other turned into love for one another. Definitely a great a movie based on a wonderful book! What a fun task for a great challenge. And now I will most definitely be reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!! Cheers and Happy Reading!!


Lisa said...

I've done both of those movies as well for the challenge. It does make it a lot of fun when you're really looking for the comparisons.

Nadia said...

What are you doing next for the challenge? I am going to watch Lost in Austen I think. Or maybe read Sense and Sensibility.

Anonymous said...

are there any other comparisons for the other jane austin novels?