Monday, September 21, 2009

2009 Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge

I have a super long list of books that I want to read. In fact, I tend to take them off of the shelves and place them in my bag, on my nightstand, on my desk, and basically anywhere I can think of that will remind me of these great books that are waiting to be read. And yet there are just too many that need to be read. In fact, I tend to ignore some of these piles and wind up buying new books to read. For example, I have, The Grand Sophy, Sense and Sensibility, Dracula, Columbine, In The Woods and Short Stories by Poe, all sitting in a stack on my nightstand. I am slowly getting through Columbine and In The Woods, so I am making progress there. However, I have just put them aside to read The Vampire Diaries (cheesy YA novels that I read when I was actually YA age, but for some reason I just had to read them again) and now I have just purchased Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (which I am sure I will begin reading as soon as I finish this last book in the Vampire Diaries). Ugh! Don't get me wrong, the main thing is that I am reading and that is a good thing. However, I want to finish the two books I have already started and begin reading all of the books I have placed in piles around the house. So, I have decided to participate in Swapna's new challenge, Clear Off Your Shelves. Okay, so what exactly is this challenge? Well, here's the info I got from S. Krishna’s Books :

This is a challenge that is aimed at getting through those books that have been sitting on your shelves for months, even years! Any non-review books that are on your shelves and/or review copies that have been on your shelves for over six months. This means that recent review copies and library books are not eligible for this challenge! However, that doesn’t mean the book has to have been out for six months in order for the review copy to be eligible. Books you have purchased/traded for/etc. and are NOT review copies can be from anytime - even from during the challenge! Crossover with other challenges is welcomed, even encouraged!

When? This challenge will run from October 1, 2009 – November 30, 2009. T

Where? S. Krishna’s Books! The sign-up post for the challenge will be posting today as well. Come back to post your review links – there will be links to everything you will need in my sidebar!

How? This challenge will work a little differently than other challenges. Instead of picking a set number of books to read during this time period, you will pick a percentage. This means that a certain percentage of the books you read during these two months will have to qualify for this challenge. For example, let’s say you pick 40% and you end up reading 10 books in October and November. 4 of those books would have to qualify for this challenge in order for you to complete it. I am setting a minimum percentage of 20%. As a result, there is no need to make a list of books prior to starting the challenge, though please feel free to do so if you want to! Your wrap-up post should have a list of the books you read for the challenge, though, so please do keep track of what you read!

There you have it folks. All the info you need to participate in Clear Off Your Shelves 2009! Don't forget to sign up here. I'm really looking forward to this because not only will the books that I am reading for the challenges fall in line with this challenge, but mainly because I am hoping it will finally get me to clear off those piles I have sitting around. I am going to aim to read about 40% of the books. I think that is reasonable and feasible. All right, well let me get back to reading. Cheers!! Happy Reading!!!


S. Krishna said...

Thanks so much for signing up! I think it'll be a lot of fun!

Sherry said...

Just what I needed to get me back in the swing of reading. I've been on a real slump since July.

Nadia said...

Swapna, I know! I am excited about your challenge and definitely think it'll be fun!!

Sherry- I know what you mean. Its been hard for me to get into books for some reason. That is why I picked up The Vampire Diaries because they are such quick and easy reads and don't require any thinking. I already finished all four books. I'm gonna start Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters now! I think this challenge will help because it'll give me a push to get to reading the books that I initially wanted to read.

Lisa said...

You're a winner of at Lit And Life of "The Smart One And The Pretty One!" I need you to email your mailing address to litandlifeATgmailDOTcom

Nadia said...

YAY! Thanks Lisa! I'll email you soon!!

Frances said...

Hi Nadia. I am going to make it even more difficult for you to clear your shelves. You are one of the winners in my BBAW giveaway of Wolf Hall. Email me your mailing address? Congrats!

Nadia said...

Frances! Thanks! That is so great!! I'm so excited about Wolf Hall - I have heard such wonderful things about that book. YAY!!!

Bellezza said...

I'm afraid my shelves will still have to sustain themselves through another long Winter...I have no time to read everything right now! However, I commend your endeavor with all my heart.

Matt said...

Good luck with the challenge. I would like to clear my bookshelves but consider I buy books that I don't read right away, this challenge will never be fulfilled!