Monday, October 12, 2009

100 Mile Fitness Challenge

The 100 Mile Fitness Challenge!! I literally just read about this today and have decided to join up because I really need to start some sort of exercise regimen. I have been walking a bit in the mornings, but I think this will help motivate me to keep on walking and stop sleeping in! Trish at http://100milefitness.blogspot.com/ is hosting this challenge. Here are the details: The goal for the challenge is to exercise for "100 miles" in three months.

Here’s how it works:
In order to complete this Challenge, you will need to “travel” 100 miles from October 1st through December 31st.

Here's how you calculate your mileage:
*Running or walking 1 mile outside or on a treadmill equals 1 mile.

*15 minutes of other workouts equals 1 mile (elliptical, swimming, weight lifting, workout video, workout classes, etc.).

A few "workout" stipulations:
“Workouts” only include activities specifically done for the purpose of exercise. Shopping, house cleaning, walking to and from the parking lot, and other day to day activities should not be included.

Partial miles travelled on different days cannot be combined. For example, if you run 1.25 miles on one day, and .75 mile on another day, that does not equal 2 miles. It counts as 1 mile.

Minutes accumulated on two different days cannot be combined. For example, if you workout 10 minutes one day and 5 minutes the next day, that does not combine to equal a mile.

1 mile on the bike does not equal 1 mile, etc. Only walking/running is mile for mile. Otherwise it would be too easy, huh?

So, those are the details and any questions you may have can be answered at 100 Mile Fitness Challenge!

Sign up at: 100 Mile Fitness Challenge!

I know I'm a bit behind on this challenge but I am ready to start walking and catch up!


Amanda said...

I'm glad to see you are joining up too! I'm new to your blog too and am enjoying your review. Thanks!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Nadia, and how cool that you signed up to this. Perhaps I should too. I am terrible with exercise. Hate it, don't do it. But this seems like a challenge, yet a manageable one. Hmmm. Inspiration!

Nadia said...

Amanda - Thanks for checking out my blog! That's great that you joined up for this too! I actually got up early today and walked - boy did I wish I could just crawl back under the covers. Ugh! But, I did feel better afterward, so that is a plus. Now, let's just hope I get up early tomorrow! Good Luck to you!!

Vanessa - Thanks Vanessa! I love reading your blog and think that its fantastic of you to share your wedding planning details with us! Its fun to read about what you've picked out and to see the pics. Makes me wish I were wedding planning - hopefully one day!! And I know what you mean - I am terrible when it comes to exercise too! I'm hoping this challenge gives me the kick I need to get started. Fingers crossed!