Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dewey's Nine Live by Vicki Myron

From the book:

Dewey's Nine Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions is comprised of nine inspiring, funny, and heartwarming stories about cats told from the perspective of "Dewey's Mom," librarian Vicki Myron.  The amazing felines in this book include Dewey, of course, whose further never-before-told adventures and amazing legacy are chronicled, but several others whom Vicki found out about when their owners reached out to her.  Vicki learned, through extensive interviews and story sharing, what made these cats special, and how they fit into Dewey's community of perseverance and love.  From a divorced mother in Alaska who saved a drowning kitten on Christmas Eve to a post-traumatic-stress disorder-suffering veteran whose heart was opened by his long relationship with a rescued cat, these Dewey-style stories will inspire readers to laugh, cry, care, and, most important, believe in the magic of animals to touch individual lives.

My thoughts:

Truthfully, I think this is a book that should be read slowly, perhaps a story at a time when the mood strikes, because what these people share is personal and special to them and should not be read in a rush.  This is a book for cat lovers alike who have found themselves inspired by the bond between them and their cat(s).  I'm not a cat person, but I did find these stories to be rather interesting in the ways in which they explored the relationships between humans and animals.  In fact, reading this book reminded me of my best friend, Amanda, and the cat she had in college.  That cat was wicked mean! It hated me from the first time we met and I truly never understood why. And yet, whenever Amanda went out of town, I would cat-sit for her and endure the scratches, because I knew how much Geri (the cat) meant to her - they had such a sweet bond.  I suppose I just found their relationship interesting - the way they depended on each other and the comfort they provided for each other; it was so similar to human friendships.  What this book does is showcase the various types of relationships people share with their cats and they ways in which their feline friends have helped to improve their lives.  In fact, these improvements came on a nifty bookmark with my book - they are nine rules to live by. And here they are:

1. Find your place - and make it your own.
2. Independence is essential, but so are people.
3. Explore.  Life is so much more fun for the curious.
4. Enjoy the simple things, like cardboard boxes and snuggling.
5. Every once in awhile, surprise someone you love by jumping on their lap when they least expect it.
6. You're never too old to sniff the catnip and play hide and seek.
7. Everyone is a potential friend.  So always say "hi."
8. Just being there is often the best comfort you can give.
9. Read with someone every day.  Even your cat.

With these rules and stories, Myron has been able to create another heartwarming book, similar to her first one, Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.  I would recommend this book to all cat lovers, who I believe will enjoy reading these stories with their furry friends by their sides.   

Thanks to Anne from The Book Report Network for providing me with a copy of Dewey's Nine Lives

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Oh my gosh! This looks like the cutest book ever! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! And I definitely have some friends who will be getting this as a Christmas present. Thanks for posting this review! :)