Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Book, Two Book, Three Book...

I've seen this meme on a number of blogs (last seen at Books and Chocolate; and it originated from Stuck in a Book ) and couldn't help but join in on the fun. So, here goes:

1.  The Book I'm currently reading:

Nerds! I love Tina fey! 30 Rock is one of my favorite shows and well, I couldn't resist reading a book written by and about the creator of Liz Lemon.  Plus, I need to read more biographies/memoirs this year, so I figured this would be the perfect choice.  So far, its a mixed bag.  There are parts where I find myself laughing out loud and getting shushed by my sister (we're at the Bucks imbibing copious amounts of coffee to wake us up this morning) and others where I'm speed reading just to get past it. Hmmm. I still have pages to go, so I'll see how it turns out.

2. The last book I finished:

I literally finished this one last night, so I'm still digesting it.  Suffice it to say that I was very impressed by Egan's book - the writing was excellent and the characters were interesting and diverse.  I can definitely see why she won the Pulitzer - this book is not only intelligent, but also teeming over with themes and issues ripe for discussion (and that are quite relevant in today's culture).  Definitely a book I would recommend.

3.  The next book I want to read:

I can't wait to dive into this one. I've loved all of Lopez' other books, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this one, too.  She just has this way of creating characters that you can't help but fall in love with for so many reasons and her writing is just top notch.  And the strange thing is that I'm not a huge fan of short stories, but for some reason, I'm always willing to read them by Lopez.  I suppose when a writer knows how to write well, it doesn't matter if they've written a short story or epic novel, its just good writing - and Lopez is that good. Or at least I think so.

4.  The last book I bought:

I saw this book being praised by quite a few book bloggers and just had to find out for myself if its really that good - so, I finally bought it.  Plus, its a book about a bookstore that only carries 'good' books (the owners determine what is good) - who hasn't wished that they could open a bookstore and sell the books that they consider to be worth reading? I know I've considered it.  A friend and I even discussed it in college - she would manage the bakery, whilst I handled the bookshop.  What a fun dream.  Anyhow, this book definitely made it onto my radar and I'm looking forward to it.

5.  The last book that was given to me:

My mom bought me this book after I'd mentioned it to her.  I read a review of it and just found myself completely engaged in the post.  I figured if the post is that effusive about this book, its definitely one I should read.  And so, its sitting on my TBR pile waiting to be read.   For some reason, I kept thinking the book's title was Lost in Translation - like that Bill Murray movie (which I loved). Maybe, my confusion is a sign that I should dig out that dvd and watch it again. Hmmm.

Anyhow, I'm off to finish Bossypants and start a new read. Hope everyone's having a book-tastic day!


Unknown said...

The Tina Fey book sounds like a fun read! And it's exciting to hear about A Novel Boookstore! Definitely sounds like my cup of tea.

Nadia said...

You will enjoy the Tina Fey book - its a fun one! And as far as A Novel Bookstore goes, it definitely sounds like it will be a good read - I'm planning on reading it for the Paris in July challenge.