Thursday, September 1, 2011

Indie Lit Awards - Nominations now Open!!!

September is here and you know what that means - its time to nominate books for the 2011 Indie Lit Awards!! 

What are the Indie Lit Awards?

The Independent Literary Awards are book awards given by literary bloggers. Lit bloggers write about books and literary related items. They are the fastest growing form of publicity in the literary world, though most are still independently run and do not receive compensation for their reviews or recommendations.

The Independent Literary Awards is currently in its second year and will be presenting the winners for the 2011 calendar year in March of 2012. The genres that will be represented and receiving awards for 2011 are:

Literary Fiction
Speculative Fiction

Now lets get to talking about nominations.  All readers not just book bloggers, will be eligible to nominate books for this year’s Indie Lit Awards! That means YOU!!  Let us know which books were your favorite by heading over to the ILA website and nominating them.  Just find the genre (s) you want to add a title to for nomination and go for it!  We can't wait to see which books have made the cut this year!

And as far as the awards process goes, here are the details:
  1. Titles are collected via nominations in each of the above listed categories. To see the nomination lists or to add a title to them, please see the specific genre page.(Nominations are open September through December.)
  2. Nominated titles will be tallied and the top 5 nominated titles from each category will be placed on a Short List.
  3. Short List titles will be read and voted on by the Director and Voting Members of each category.
  4. The top 2 titles from the Short List will be considered Finalists.
  5. The winners from each category will be chosen by the Director and Voting Members of each category from the Finalist titles.
So, lets get to nominating!

Oh, and if you have any more questions, just head on over to Indie Lit Awards or contact Wallace, she's the brains behind the ILA (Indie Lit Awards), and can be found here (her book blog, Unputdownables) and here (ILA website).

Have fun!!

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