Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Falling For Me: A Memoir by Anna David


About book:

Like most women, whether they've chosen the Fortune 500 career path or have had five kids by 35, Anna David wondered if she'd made the right choices.  Then she came upon the book Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown, Cosmopolitan's fearless leader from the mid-sixties to the late nineties.  Immediately connecting with Gurley Brown's unique message of self-empowerment combined with femininity, Anna vowed to use Sex as a lesson plan, venturing out of her comfort zone in the hope of overcoming the fears and insecurities that had haunted her for years.  Embarking on a journey both intensely personal and undeniably universal, she becomes adventurous and spontaneous - reviving her wardrobe and apartment, taking French lessons, dashing off to Seville, and whiling the nights away with men she never would have considered before.  In the process, she ends up meeting the person really worth changing for: herself.

My Thoughts:

Falling For Me: How I Hung Curtains, Learned to Cook, Traveled to Seville, and Fell in Love is a memoir by Anna David, a young woman who is searching for love and winds up finding herself.  Sounds like a good read, right? I thought, that being 33 and single, I would really enjoy reading this woman's story.  We both have similar insecurities and are looking for love (in all the wrong places).  How could I not enjoy this book?  Well, it turns out it was pretty easy not to like.  

There was just something about the author that made me apathetic toward her self-exploration process.  I just found that I couldn't really connect with her as much as I had thought I would and found her rambling to be rather pedantic at times.  The writing was solid-ish and the overall idea of using a book to revamp her life was somewhat interesting, but overall I just found the book to be lacking.  And the thing is that I've read some rather glowing reviews of this book that are comparing it to Eat, Pray, Love, which for many would be reason enough to give David's book a read.  For me, not so much.  I was not a fan of Eat, Pray, Love, so that comparison falls flat for me.

I'm not really sure who I recommend this book to, except for fans of Eat, Pray, Love.  All I know is that this is one memoir I won't be remembering.

By the by, here's the link to Anna's book trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rQ_9WwHbjY 
Maybe, you'll want to read the book after watching it.  After all, according to the other blogs I've read, I seem to be the only one who didn't like the book.
Thank you to TLC Book Tours and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book.


Ti said...

I didn't care for Eat Pray Love so if this book is supposed to be like that one, then I won't like it either.

A feel as if a lot of these self-discovery books are sort of one dimensional and flat.

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

I feel like this would be for a lot of my friends but I'm definitely not its target audience.

Nadia said...

Ti, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't care for Eat, Pray , Love - yay! I guess great minds think alike, eh? LOL! And I do agree that these self-discovery books tend to be too self-indulgent that they don't really provide anything worth reading about. Oh well.

Pam, I know what you mean. I can think of a few friends who would love this book, I just wasn't one of them.

bermudaonion said...

Sorry you didn't connect with this one.

Nadia said...

bermudaonion, it was disappointing, but not all books can be hits, right? Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Darn, I'm sorry this one didn't turn out to be the right book for you. Hopefully your next read will be a better fit!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts for the tour.

Nadia said...

heathertlc, yeah, it was disappointing, but I'm on to the next read. Thanks for having me on the tour :)

Nicole said...

I did like Eat, Pray, Love- so your review made me curious as to if I would enjoy this as well.
Going to put it on my list....

Nadia said...

Nicole, since you enjoyed Eat,Pray,Love you may enjoy this one as well. Hope you do :)