Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Fate of Mercy Alban: A Novel by Wendy Webb

about book:

They say family secrets come back to haunt us.  Sometimes, they come back with a vengeance.

Grace Alban has spent more than twenty years avoiding her childhood home, the stately mansion situated on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior.  Alban House is enchanting, certainly; it is also plagued with a history of tragedy and the rumor of a curse that no one can quite laugh away.  So when newly divorced Grace returns with her moody teenaged daughter to attend to her mother's estate, she is shocked but not surprised to learn that her mother died under eerie circumstances - silenced the very day she planned to give a tell-all interview about the family.  Soon, Grace finds herself faced with more unsettling discoveries, including a long-lost aunt and a possible intruder watching through the walls.

Now Grace must uncover the truth about the Alban curse - and the witch at its heart - before she becomes its next victim...

my thoughts:

Okay, let me just say it - this book is spooky.  It really is.  I woke up early last Saturday and decided to do some reading and since I was in the mood for something thriller-ish, I figured I'd give Webb's, The Fate of Mercy Alban a read.  I honestly planned on just getting a few chapters in before I started breakfast, but the next thing you know its nearly 10am and I've already missed out on the sizzling bacon.  Yep, I skipped eating bacon and french toast for secret passageways and witches - that's how captivating the book was.

I was spellbound.  Webb's novel had me hooked from the get go and I would not put it down until I had finished the last page.  I just had to find out what the hell was really happening up at Alban House and whether or not Grace and her daughter would make it out alive.  I couldn't help but get caught up in all of the dramas and mysteries surrounding this ancient home and its inhabitants.  It was rather fascinating learning about the origins of the Alban family and where the 'witchy' reputation developed.  And all of the dangerous and creepy happenings that unfolded were thrilling and chilling to read about.  I have to admit that I got goosebumps a number of times whilst reading this book.  I found myself rather spooked and yet, I kept on reading. I'll be honest and admit that there were some times when I found the story to be rather predictable and I did get a bit annoyed when Grace flouted her monied status, but that was easily overlooked by the fun and frightful experience I had while reading the book. 

I would definitely recommend The Fate of Mercy Alban to anyone and everyone who loves to read spooky novels - you will definitely enjoy reading this book! Check it out!

Thanks so much to Betsy from Hyperion Books for providing me with a copy of this novel!


picky said...

This book sounds so spooky and spectacular! I hadn't heard of it, so thanks for the review.

Lisa said...

You missed bacon and french toast for this one?? Dang, I need to get my hands on it!

Nadia said...

picky, is was! You will enjoy it :)

Lisa, definitely! So good!

The Relentless Reader said...

You skipped bacon for a book. Say no more! Now I know if must be amazing ;)

Nadia said...

Jennifer, it was great!

Rebecca @ Love at First Book said...

Anytime you skip a meal or plan to read for 10 minutes but then it ends up being hours, you KNOW the book is awesome!!!

Dot said...

Wow, this sounds fantastic! Off to add it to my list!

Nadia said...

Rebecca, I know, right!?

Dot, definitely add it!

jenclair said...

:) I love spooky!