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Doctor Who (Book 10): Beautiful Chaos by Gary Russell

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book.

Guess what folks?  It is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!! Pretty awesome, right?  Well, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who this year, BBC Books will be reissuing eleven classic Doctor Who novels – one for each Doctor – from across their fiction range. Repackaged with new introductions, bold new covers, and 50th anniversary branding, they are not only a collectable set for fans, but a brilliant introduction to the depth and range of the Doctor Who list. All eleven novels were published as paperbacks in April 2013 (US $12.99/CAN $15.99) - which means that they are out now!  And I was lucky enough to get offered the chance to read not one, but two of these eleven novels: Beautiful Chaos and Last of the Gaderene (the latter of which I will be reviewing next month).  As for now, here are my thoughts on Book 10 - Beautiful Chaos by Gary Russell. Oh, and just so you know, my favorite Doctor was played by David Tennant - which means I loved the cover of this book!

about book:

Wilfred Mott is very happy: his granddaughter, Donna, is back home, catching up with family and gossiping about her journeys, and he has just discovered a new star and had it named after him.  He takes the Tenth Doctor with him to the naming ceremony.  But the Doctor soon discovers something else new, and worryingly bright, in the heavens - something that is heading for Earth.  It's and ancient force from the Dark Times.  And it is very, very angry...

my thoughts:

Fantastic! I gobbled this book up in one day and just couldn't help myself.  I love, love, loved everything about this book.  From the terrific cover (with the handsome David Tennant, whom I believe was the awesome-est Doctor Who) to the unputdownable story involving Donna, her grandad Wilf, and the possible end of the world (again).  Its been a year since Donna's father passed away and she's returned home to spend the day with her mum, Sylvia, and her grandad; whilst the Doctor is sent off to kill time, as Sylvia isn't a huge fan of his.  So, Donna heads home and has it out with her mum, who pretty much tells her how much she worries about her, especially since she never knows where Donna is or when she's coming home.  There's screaming and tears, and plenty of hugs - its pretty intense.  Luckily, there is a bright spot named Wilf, who loves hearing all about his granddaughter's adventures with the Doctor - she sends him postcards and souvenirs of her trips.  And, he has some pretty great news, too!  Wilf has discovered a star and its been named after him.  There's going to be a naming ceremony and the family is invited, along with the Doctor and Nettie. Whose Nettie?  Well, she's his lady friend, who he happens to care loads about.  They connected over astronomy and have been spending time with one another ever since.  Unfortunately, Nettie has Alzheimer's, so its been a bit rough at times, like when she forgets where's she at or who she's with.  Sylvia is worried about her dad, and how he'll handle losing Nettie one day.  And, Donna is starting to wish she hadn't come back home - guilt can do that to you.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is at the local electronics shop in town to save the life of a kid named Lucas Carnes - which he does (only to realize a minute later that the job isn't done just yet).  Seems that things aren't looking too good for planet Earth's inhabitants and the Doctor may have come to Earth just in time to help them out - except he's not sure how exactly.  However, answers become a bit clearer at the dinner held in honor of Wilf's star.  The Doctor is able to piece together somethings and quickly realizes that something wicked this way comes.  All the while, wonky things have been happening all around the world and they are all a part of Madame Delphi's master plan.  Apparently, she's not just as astrologer writing horoscopes.  Seems like there is something referred to as beautiful chaos and the Mandragora Helix to deal with, along with people being turned into ashes, M-Tek's controlling people, and a purple pulse that is running through computer lines and certain select people - you know the usual villainous types of things.  Madame Delphi wants revenge and is willing to get it at any cost.

Now, I'm not going to say what happens or how the Doctor saves the day (you knew he would, he's Doctor Who), because you need to read it for yourself.  You need to get caught up in all the fantastical and fun elements that make Doctor Who books such amazing reads.  The adventure, drama, danger, and unknown are what make these books and Doctor Who so exciting and addictive.  And this book in particular, really struck a chord with me, making it my favorite of the series.  Gary Russell outdid himself!  Beautiful Chaos is well written, filled with fully developed characters who will remain unforgettable, a captivating story that you won't want to stop reading, and touched on some serious topics in such a sensitive manner.  I absolutely loved his take on Doctor Who and his sidekick, Donna.  This is one book that I will be re-reading again and again.

So, yes, I would most definitely recommend Beautiful Chaos to all fans of the Doctor Who series - you will LOVE this book!!! 

Here's the link to the TLC Book Tours of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection tour (May/June 2013):  Doctor Who!!!  I'll be back on the tour next month reviewing Book 3, Last of the Gaderene - I can't wait!!

GIVEAWAY:  One lucky winner will win a copy of Beautiful Chaos by Gary Russell.  All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me who was your favorite Doctor Who? Oh, and don't forget your email address, so that I can contact you if you win!  Open to US/Canada/International!!  Giveaway ends May 31!
Good luck!!
Thank you to TLC Book Tours and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book.


Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

I LOVE the new covers! This is one of the few Tenth Doctor novels I haven't read and your review has made me even eager to read it. I love both Wilf and Donna!

Nadia said...

Ruth, I just found out about the giveaway, so I will add your name in the hat - Good luck! And, you will love Beautiful Chaos - it was soooo good!!!

Shelley said...

I love Doctor Who and I've been wondering about the books--if they're worth reading. It sounds like they are! David Tennant is most definitely my favorite. My kids would say that I want to marry him ;). I would love a chance to win this. saz@chainreader.com

Karielle Stephanie said...
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Karielle Stephanie said...

Marvelous review, Nadia! Nice to meet a fellow Whovian ;) You make me want to read this one asap!

David Tennant was definitely brilliant... I'm completely in love with Matt Smith at the moment too ♥_♥ I've only read one or two books in the original series I think? (I KNOW—what is wrong with me??) but I'd love the chance to try Beautiful Chaos!

Karielle Stephanie @ Books à la Mode
thestephanieloves AT gmail DOT com

Nadia said...

Shelley, good luck! And I totally agree with you about Tennant ;)

Karielle, I can see the allure of Smith, he's not too shabby ;) Good luck!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love this! My favorite doctor is probably the Tenth- who doesn't love Tennant? I really do like the Ninth though, even if a lot of people don't.

lauren51990 at aol dot com

Jaime H. said...

Oh, the Dr.! I loved the 10th Dr. for his charm and smoothness, but the 11th Dr. for his quirkiness and heart. But, oh how I miss my Amelia Pond! Thanks for the feature.


Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

I'm new to Doctor Who (just became a fan this year) but I'm really excited about this collection - I can't wait to read about my favorite Time Lord!

Thanks for being a part of the tour.

Sarah A. said...

I love this new collection, the covers look great. I think my favorite is Eleven -- Matt Smith just cracks me up, but also does some really powerful dramatic stuff, too. Thanks for the giveaway!

hikaruchan at gmail.com

Christa @ More Than Just Magic said...

My favourite Doctor is David Tennant. Which is probably why I'm so excited to read this book.

christajls (a) gmail.com

The Nerd said...

I absolutely love Ten. I also adore Four, Five, Nine, and Eleven!

I really, really want to read this! But since I can't shop online, alas, no possibility there.

aparajita said...

an amazing review..... i'm totally obsessed with the show...i mean whats not to like really....

David Tennant was definitely my Doctor.....i just loved the guy..

Aparajita @Le' Grande Codex

Unknown said...

My favorite Doctor would have to be my first Doctor, David Tennant. kyoto.now @ gmail dot com