Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NetGalley Addiction

Hello, my name is Nadia and I have a NetGalley addiction.  Its true.  I am extremely addicted to requesting digital books from this site.  I can't help it!  I head on over and check out the 'recently added' section and the next thing you know I've requested like 20 books. Ugh!

Its just so exciting reading about all these new books that are coming out, that I get kind of greedy and decide to request as many as I can.  Its crazy!!  I have nearly 70 books 'to be read' on that site and it drives me bonkers just thinking about it.  How will I ever get through them all? Ahhh! What should I do?  Any tips on how to handle all those books?  Because, aside from NetGalley, I have a pile of review books about to topple over that is sitting right next to my desk.  Plus, all of the books I keep buying, because its summer and I want to read fun books - Joyland, anyone?  Oh, and did I mention the reading challenges I want to participate in - JLC7 and Paris in July? Cripes, I think my brain keeps forgetting that I don't have enough spare time to fit in all of these wonderful reads and fun challenges - ugh! Did I mention that I'm even dreaming of books?  Yep, there are books in my dreams and I can't seem to remember the titles, although it irks me, because I'm wondering if I'm supposed to read those books, too.  Ack! 

At least I can agree that I need to make a dent in the NetGalley pile sooner rather than later.  That's a start I suppose.  Especially, as I just got an email that invited me to download a new read from NetGalley - which I accepted!  You see what I mean - ADDICTED!!  Oh well, it could be worse, right?  I could have absolutely nothing to read - OMG! Did I just type that?  Anyhow, enough ranting about too many books, I need to start reading.  Here are some of my choices:

Don't these all look so good!?!   Which should I read first?  Hmm.  I'm thinking I'll start with whichever title pops up first on my Kindle.

Alright, well that's enough whinging for now.  Hope you are enjoying some fantastic reads and this incredibly HOT summer (where's the breeze!?!) - ta for now!  


The Relentless Reader said...

Ha ha ha ;) Love this post and I feel your pain! I try not to go too bonkers on that site because...well you know why! I'm always afraid that the books will be archived before I can get to them. And I like to read and review them close to their release dates. So, all of that adds to my READING PRESSURE. I've printed out a calendar that I use exclusively for Netgalley book release/archive dates so I can at least pretend to be organized.

I'm babbling, lol. All I should have said was GOOD LUCK! ;)

jenclair said...

Sorry, wish I could help, but I suffer from the same addiction.

Currently reading The Bookman's Tale...from NetGalley.

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Jennifer, thanks! And I love the idea of a calendar just for NetGalley - I'll be doing that today!

jenclair, glad I'm not alone :) And, I loved The Bookman's Tale - its such a great read!! Hope you are enjoying it :)

Jerri Kindig said...

It is a good addiction we all have though. I fell in love with Christina George's The Publicist, I heard is was like the Prada series in the fact that it has strong female characters and it did. Loved it, a great add to a summer tbr! thepublicistnovel.com.

park said...

great sharing!!!

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Jerri, it is a good addiction to have :) I haven't heard of The Publicist - I'm going to check it out! Thanks!

park, thanks!

Athira said...

Those are some awesome books! I have a sort-of addiction too. I'm trying to stay away from the site until I've read all the ones I have requested so far.

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Aths, its so easy to get addicted, isn't? I'm thinking of trying to stay away from the site, too ;)

Lisa said...

I'm so frustrated - I cannot get my Net Galley books downloaded on my Nook to open. It's the whole reason I got the Nook for heavens sake!