Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Favorite Reads in 2013

2014 is nigh and so I figured that I would share which books were my absolute favorites in 2013.  Here goes:

Its a pretty eclectic mix of nonfiction and literary fiction, which is what I loved about 2013.  I feel like I really went outside of my comfort zone with my reading and explored genres that I tend to ignore.  I'm hoping to do the same in 2014.  So, here's to a Happy New Year filled with good reads!!


Ti said...

Sputnik. Sigh. Loved that book.

What a great list. I have Revenge on audio. Do you think it will lend itself well to audio?

Nadia said...

Ti, agreed. Hmmm. Revenge might actually be great on audio - its so visual that listening to it might enhance that aspect of it. Enjoy!

Lisa said...

Love reading everyone's "top" lists - it's a great reminder of what I want to get added to my wish list sooner rather than later.

Bellezza said...

I love that you have 3 Japanese titles in your list! Still have to read The Beautiful Forevers, which you sent me, but it's slated for my book club this Spring.

Happy Nee Year, Nadia!

Bellezza said...

Oh, and I mean to get t9o Sputnik Sweetheart, too. So glad you and Ti loved it.

Aarti said...

I have become much more varied in my reading in more recent years and am loving it, too! There wasn't much fantasy at all on my best of list this year. That's no to say that I don't still love fantasy - I do. But I have found that I love so much more than fantasy.