Monday, February 24, 2014

Nick and Tesla's Robot Army Rampage by "Science Bob" Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith

(Thank you to Quirk Books for providing me with a copy of this book!)
about book:

When a rash of robberies hits the town of Half Moon Bay, 11-year-old sleuths Nick and Tesla are determined to catch the criminals - but to do so, they'll have to build a host of new gadgets and gizmos!  In this robot-themed follow-up to Nick and Tesla's High-Voltage Danger Lab, the brother-and-sister duo build four different droids out of ordinary household objects - and illustrated instructions are included throughout the story, so you can build them, too!  Can Nick and Tesla catch the criminal mastermind - and foil his army of rampaging robots - before it's too late?

my thoughts:

Fun. Fun. Fun.  Nick and Tesla's Robot Army Rampage was an absolute treat to read.  In this new adventure, we find Nick and Tesla settled in at their Uncle Newt's home.  They've started a routine of eating spaghettios, tinkering around in the basement lab, and checking the answering machine for messages from their parents (its mainly Nick that does this bit, as he can't understand why his mom and dad haven't called them yet).  Life isn't bad, but its nothing to get excited about...until the local comic book store gets robbed!  Looks like Nick and Tesla's super sleuthing skills are needed once again in the town of Half Moon Bay.  Except this time round, they may be biting off more than they can chew - DANGER in the form of robots!!!  Seems that this case may be a bit more complicated than they had originally thought.  Plus, their Uncle Newt has fallen in love and the woman may or may not be Nick and Tesla's prime suspect.  What are Nick and Tesla to do?  Sounds pretty exciting, eh? Well it is!  The latest book in the series not only brings back familiar characters, but it steps up the game with more mysteries, more intrigue, and more gadgetry.   Plus, who doesn't love a book that includes an army of rampaging robots? 

I would definitely recommend Nick and Tesla's Robot Army Rampage to fans of the first book, Nick and Tesla's High-Voltage Danger Lab and fans of children's fiction.  This is a terrific book to read with your kids, as it also includes the instructions on how to make the fantastic gadgets that Nick and Tesla created in the story.  Pick up a copy and enjoy!

Thank you to Quirk Books for providing me with a copy of the book!


Lindsey said...

I will definitely look into this series! Anything content-wise that would be troublesome for a precocious six year old?

Nadia said...

Lindsey, hmm...depends on how precocious the six year old is :) Its a sweet book with some awesome projects, but I'm thinking maybe more suitable for a ten year old.