Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stuff Every College Student Should Know by Blair Thornburgh

(Thank you to Quirk Books for providing me with a copy of this book!)
about book:

Because textbooks can teach you only so much.

This ultimate pocket-size reference is packed with essential information about every part of campus life, including:
  • How to Pull an All-Nighter
  • How to Get Along with Your Roommate
  • How to Eat for No Money
  • How to Do Laundry
  • How to Pick a Major
Plus advice and etiquette for e-mailing professors and getting recommendations, tips for taking care of yourself when you're sick, packing lists for Spring Break, study group guidelines, dorm-room recipes, and much, much more.

my thoughts:

My first Christmas home from college was filled with family, friends and, good eats.  It was also filled with unexpected invites - like the invitation from my old high school to come back and talk to graduating seniors about my college experience.  I wasn't exactly keen on attending, let alone talking with anyone about life at college, but I went.  My best friend was going and she was going to be on stage talking, so I figured it could be fun.  And it was.  We all shared stories about meeting new people, being in charge of our finances, doing laundry at 2am (because that was the only time the machines weren't being used), taking classes a few days a week (instead of everyday), football games, and so much more.  We answered questions and tried our best to convey how amazing and scary college could be when you first get there.  It was definitely a great talk.  I wished I had had some sort of guidance regarding college when I first went away.  I think it might have helped me from making a few mistakes that I later regretted.  So, being much older now, I definitely am excited for my cousin, Sam.  She'll be heading off to college next fall and is already looking at colleges.  She has so many questions and I love answering what I can for her.  Luckily, I have some help this time round.

Quirk Books has published this fantastic little brown book titled, Stuff Every College Student Should Know by Blair Thornburgh.  From tips on how to email your college professor, land a date, do your laundry to buying textbooks and refrain from gaining the Freshman Fifteen, this book has it all.  It is filled with great advice that will definitely come in handy during your college years.  I am excited to share this book with Sam, because I am positive she will benefit from it.  This book will make a great gift for graduating high school seniors.

Thanks to Quirk Books for providing me with a copy of this book!

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