Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Three: A Novel by Sarah Lotz

If you want creepy, then pick up a copy of The Three by Sarah Lotz.  This book is freaking fantastic!  It is scary, mysterious, and unputdownable.  I found that I had to put this book away before going to bed or else risk having nightmares - it seriously creeped me out.  But I loved it!

The Three is a book within a book - it is comprised of the notes, interviews, documents, articles, and messages that make up the bulk of the nonfiction book written about "the three"children who survived the four plane crashes of Black Thursday.  Yes, four planes crashed in four different countries and only three people survived and they were children.  The world is stunned by the events and at first consider it all to be an act of terrorism, but eventually wonder if it was an act of a higher being.  Rumors mill about regarding "the three" (as they are dubbed) and why they were the survivors - religious reasons (the end is nigh) and supernatural forces (think aliens).  People want answers as to why these planes had any malfunctions that would have led to such horrible crashes - none of the explanations really make any sense.  And these kids who survived - why are they acting so weird?  Yep, things are taking a turn for the different and worse in the aftermath of Black Thursday.  The nonfiction book we are reading is supposed to help clarify some of the burning questions that have always remained in everyone's minds - lets just say that it certainly provides us with even more questions.

I found The Three to be engrossing and rather tragic.  The more you learn about what happened, the less you want to know.  Its eerie and intriguing and I just found myself utterly captivated.  Lotz has written a fantastic horror story mixed with elements of science fiction that will haunt you for days after.  I would most definitely recommend this novel to anyone interested in the horror genre - you will LOVE it!

And now, I'm off to continue reading Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King.  I've been taking my time with this book, but have now gotten to a point where I need to finish it NOW ( I have to know what's going to happen to Hodges!!).  Happy reading!!


bermudaonion said...

I really want to read The Three - it sounds great to me!

Nadia said...

Kathy, definitely read The Three - you will love it! Its so good!!

Brandie said...

Wow, I love a good scary book and this sounds fantastic! Thanks for posting about it! I'm also curious about Mr. Mercedes. I honestly have never read a Stephen King book (ducks head). Are you enjoying it?

Ti said...

My copy of The Three finally came in from the library so I will be reading it soon. It sounds too creepy for me to pass up.

I know which point you are at in Mr. Mercedes because once you hit that point, you cannot stop reading it! At least he won't make us wait to long for book 2.

Nadia said...

Brandie, definitely check out The Three if you want creepy. As for King - this book is not horror, more scary (because its about a killer). I just finished it and really enjoyed it. Definitely give King a chance :)

Ti, I can't wait to find out what you think of it. It is creeptastic! Yes! So true, there is a point in the book, where you just have plunge ahead until its over. Love it!

Dot said...

This sounds fantastic, adding it to my wish list straight away!

Nadia said...

Dot, it really is. Definitely check it out when you get a chance - be ready to be creeped out!