Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bergdorf Blondes: A Novel by Plum Sykes

(Thank you to the publisher and TLC Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book!)
about book:

The tenth anniversary edition of New York Times bestselling author Plum Sykes’s timeless satire

Bergdorf Blondes are a thing, you know, a New York craze. Absolutely everyone wants to be one, but it’s actually très difficult. You wouldn’t believe the dedication it takes to be a gorgeous, flaxen-haired, dermatologically perfect New York girl with a life that’s fabulous beyond belief. Honestly, it all requires a level of commitment comparable to, say, learning Hebrew or quitting cigarettes.

Our heroine, “Moi,” described as a “champagne bubble of a girl about town,” gets into misadventures with fellow socialite and best friend Julie Bergdorf, a department store heiress. When Moi notices that getting engaged brings about a glow unattainable by facials, she and Julie scheme and shop to attract the perfect PH (Prospective Husband). Sykes’s debut is a pitch-perfect examination of the glittering lives of the young, rich, and fabulous living in New York.

my thoughts:

Chick lit is my vice.  Its my guilty pleasure.  I can't help it.  Its similar to my addiction to reality TV - Housewives, Rich Kids, Kardashians, Million Dollar Listing, etc.  I love watching these shows and reading these books about these insanely wealthy people and their over the top, ridiculous behavior.  I find it frivolous, fun, and totally unputdownable.  Especially after a chaotic day, I like the idea of settling down for some fluff reading/TV watching - its my escape from my reality.  So, when I got offered the chance to review Plum Syke's book, Bergdorf Blondes, I leapt at the chance.  First of all, the new 10th anniversary book cover drew me in - I loved it!  And secondly, the summary of the book - well, it most definitely sounded like my cup of tea - the search for a PH (how fun!).

Bergdorf Blondes is a smart, funny book about NYC PAPs (Park Avenue Princesses) and their fabulous lives.  These young women are rich, superficial, and uber-competitive.  They are obsessed with becoming Bergdorf Blondes and living in excess.  And they have just discovered that the latest "hot" accessory is the PH (Prospective Husband) - apparently being engaged makes your skin glow!  Of course the fun in having a PH is the actual hunt for a PH.  So, BFFs Julie and Moi are determined to find Julie a PH - because what else does the woman who has everything need?  Except, Moi is the one who becomes engaged to a famous photographer, while Julie continues to meet one eligible bachelor after another.  Life in NYC is turning out to be better than fabulous for these two besties.  Until Moi realizes that her PH is not exactly the man she fell in love with.  Hmm....maybe a PH isn't the answer after all.  As these two women navigate the world of shopping, facials, highlights, and dating they begin to discover that friendship and love is what its all about.

Plum Sykes has written a fantastic novel about the socialites in NYC and their seemingly vapid lifestyle.  She has created a cast of hilarious and unforgettable characters that are more than their Prada handbags and Marc Jacobs jeans.   Sykes appears to be poking fun at these women, but in a manner that lets you know they are in on the joke.  Witty one-liners and drama after drama fill this delightful book in a fast-paced speed.  You will devour it in one sitting!  I absolutely loved getting to know these Bergdorf Blondes and believe that you will, too!  I would definitely recommend this book to fans of chick lit - you will LOVE this read!

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Thank you to the publisher and TLC Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book!


Dot said...

Wow I can't believe this has been out for 10 years, I remember reading it when it was first published, feeling very old now!

Nadia said...

Dot, I know what you mean :)

Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

This sounds like such a fun read - so far from the way I live!

Thanks for being a part of the tour.