Thursday, December 4, 2014

Non-Bookish Thoughts...

Its Christmas month - hurrah!  This means yuletide treats, lots of decorations and festive music, and some lovely pressies to exchange with loved ones.  It also means lots of quality family time.  How exciting!! Of course, all of these things translates to one heck of a busy month.  My reading will most definitely take a dive during the month of December, but I'm okay with that.  I figure as long as I read at least one book a week, I'm ace.  Anyhow, I just wanted to share what I've been up to lately:
  •  The Walking Dead mid-season finale.  Ugh! I have to admit that I wasn't surprised Beth was killed off.  her story line lacked and they really needed to get away from that crazy hospital. I did feel bad watching Daryl crying as he carried her body out of the hospital.  One tweeter wrote, "When Daryl cries, the world cries."  How true! LOL!  I did enjoy watching Morgan at the end - seems like he was tracing their steps and now has confirmation that Rick Grimes is near.  I'm really looking forward to seeing where the next half of the season takes up (especially as this half was a bit lackluster at times).  Here's to a Rick and Morgan reunion!
  • My sister and I bought our mom and dad a new dining table for their house.  Its their Christmas gift.  Our mom is so excited.  It gets delivered tomorrow! Can't wait to have Christmas dinner on it.
  • I've been culling my closet and its been rather eye-opening.  I had completely forgotten about so many of the things I'd shoved in there.  I have so many cute handbags whose dust bags are collecting dust because I never use them - ack! I took down one of my old MJs to start using NOW.  I can't believe that I was telling my sister I wanted a new leather Longchamp for Christmas - talk about handbag addiction!!  And then there are all my Havaianas languishing in a basket.  I've been wearing the same pair forever.  What is wrong with me!?!  Anyhow, I'm filling a few bags with clothes, shoes, and handbags to donate - so, its working out.  Of course, its a work in progress, as I tend to want to hold on to things for much too long.  Like my worn out converse that used to be black and now resemble a murky grey color - ugh!
  • I'm backing this weekend, which means I've been going through my cookbooks this week.  I love giving out homemade treats to family and friends.  I usually wait a little later in the month to do it, but am in the mood to bake now.  So, I've written my lists of ingredients to buy and people I want to gift these yummy yuletide desserts to.  My sister is going to help.  We are making fudge, pecan bars, linzers, mini-loafs of banana bread, and scones.  Delicious!!
  • I just read an article in my new copy of Vogue about regifting.  They referenced the Seinfeld episode where Elaine discover that Tim Whatley (aka Walter White) has regifted the label maker she gave him to Jerry. I love that episode!! Of course, I love any Seinfeld episode, so I'm rather biased.  Anyhow, this article got me to thinking about the idea of regifting.  Everyone does it, even if they don't admit it.  I know I've done it a few times with gift cards I'd received and didn't think I'd use.  However, tangible gifts that were given to me by close friends or family I tend to keep (even if I don't particularly like it).  I tend to think about the thought put into the gift and decide that its a keeper.  What about you?  Do you regift?  Is it really that bad to regift?
  • And finally, I got this book in the post earlier this week:
    How exciting!! Reading a new Murakami during the holidays - I love it!! The book came shrink-wrapped and when I opened it, I couldn't help but smile.  I just know that I'm in for something special with this book and can't wait to read it.  I'm hoping to get to it tomorrow.  And now, I'm off to watch Little Women on the telly.  I watched The Thing Called Love earlier ( I love this movie!!! ) and the menu said that Little Women was coming on soon.  So, I have to watch Laurie grow smitten with Jo.  Hope you all have a great weekend filled with lots of books!


Ti said...

It still doesn't really feel like Christmas is around the corner but it is and I am hoping to actually feel the holiday spirit soon. All the stuff is up, some shopping done, even some baking and yet I am not feeling it although I feel perfectly happy ;) No blue mood this year.

Did you see all the comments on TWD FB page about their accidental spoiler about Beth's status on the show? I guess they really screwed up by posting that photo before Australia and other countries were able to watch the show.

Nadia said...

Ti, I can understand that feeling. Especially as I live in FL and its way too hot to be Christmas. That's why I get excited about all the movies, music, baking, shopping,etc - it puts me in the holiday spirit :) I'm glad to hear that you don't have the blues this year - I know it can get pretty bad around the holidays. Being happy is good :)

I know! I couldn't believe they screwed up that bad. How crazy!! I would have been annoyed if I had found out before watching the show.

Brandie said...

Happy Friday, Nadia! How sweet of you to get your mom a new table!

I don't watch Walking Dead religiously, but my hubby does and he was pretty shocked by that little twist. Sounds like a lot of people were!

I love handbags! I tend to only stick with Coach bags. But it's gotten pretty addicting over the years. I used to get one a year and carry it all year long. It would be my birthday present in May. Then I started getting one on my anniversary in September. I've been trying to stick with just 2 and reusing my old ones, also. I'm using one right now that's 2 years old and pretty proud of myself! Lol. I also sell them a lot when I go to buy a new one. So I only have a few at a time. :)

I don't think I've ever regifted - not because I'm against it. Especially if it's a gift card you won't ever use. Just because I've never really had the opportunity to do it, I guess.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Nadia said...

Brandie, thanks :) You should try watching it with your husband - you just might end up loving TWD. Its sooo good! Definitely not just about zombies (aka walkers).

Yes! Handbags are the best!! Coach has a lot of really cute handbags and I can totally understand getting addicted to them (and handbags in general). I think that's smart to limit yourself to 2 new ones a year and that you are reusing them. I'm trying to reuse mine as well. And I think its cool if you are able to sell yours - means money for new handbags. LOL!

I know what you mean. Its hard to think of regifting, when its not normally something you do. Plus, I think like you, there would have to be an opportunity when it makes sense to regift - like you know someone who would LOVE that gift you didn't like. I think that's rare.

Anyhow, I hope you and your family had a great weekend!!

Bellezza said...

I have The Strange Library, still in its shrink wrap, waiting for me for the holiday vacation, too. Can't wait! I ordered mine, I never seem to get them in the mail. :)

I love that you have a present for your mom all picked out and by now, delivered. Parents are hard to buy for! I seem to get my mom jewelry and my father cologne every blessed year.

I'm baking cookies as we speak, off from school as I had a bit of oral surgery done yesterday. It was work having a day off! But, I don't think I can face a sorting of the closet until summer.

Nadia said...

Meredith, I'm saving my copy of The Strange Library as well :) I can't wait to experience it! Let me know your thoughts on it. Buying for parents is hard. I'm glad its sorted out already. I love that you know what to get your parents every year - makes it something to look forward to for them :) Sorry about the oral surgery, but hopefully those cookies sweetened your day. Take care, dear friend!

Lisa said...

What a lovely gift for your parents; I'm sure they were thrilled! I'm fanatical about culling my closet and dressers regularly. But my hubby is like you - he's definitely got things in his closet that he's forgotten about!

Nadia said...

Lisa, thanks! They love the table, so my sister and I were happy. Its pretty crazy going through my closet and finding so many things I'd forgotten about - yikes! I need to be better at keeping track of what I buy.