Tuesday, February 9, 2016

OUT TODAY!! Find Her: A Novel by Lisa Gardner

(Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book!)
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Find Her is my first book by Lisa Gardner and it will not be last.  Talk about a riveting, suspenseful and chilling read.  I found myself curling up with this book late one night and turning the final page as the sun rose.  I could not help myself.  This book was just too good to put down.

Flora Dane was in college and celebrating spring break with her friends when she was taken.  The unimaginable horrors she endured whilst held captive lasted for 472 days.  This story is about after - what happened post-kidnapping to Flora.  Well, her relationship with her brother is non-existent (he couldn't handle the new Flora that came home) and he now lives in London.  As for her mom, they communicate on a regular basis, but there is a strong disconnect.  Its been five years and Flora is still adjusting to normalcy.  She's still in contact with the FBI advocate (Samuel Keynes) who met her the night she was rescued - he's her ICE (in case of emergency) contact.  And she's taken a keen interest in the recent disappearances of young women.  Her walls are covered in newspaper clippings of information and photos of these women.  Oh, and she's also taken self-defense classes, learned how to create crude weapons, and trained to escape from dangerous situations.  Flora is ready for anything...or so she thinks.

Detective D.D. Warren finds herself in pain.  Her shoulder has yet to heal and she's struggling to keep up without anyone noticing her struggling.  She just wants to solve crimes and feel in control of her team.  D.D. finds herself at a new crime scene with a victim who somehow managed to overtake her captor - to the point that she has killed him.  D.D. wants answers, but the victim won't talk.  And then the FBI shows up and D.D. learns that the young lady who fought for her life is Flora Dane - the girl who survived being held prisoner for 472 days.  What the what?  Now, D.D. has even more questions for Flora, but she's not getting any answers.  And so she begins to dig into the young lady's past and present.  She wants to find out how Flora knew to defend herself, what she was doing with this man, and why is she so interested in the current missing persons case of a young college co-ed who has gone missing.  So many questions lead to more questions...and then a new mystery to solve.  Seems that someone isn't too happy with Flora and now she's been taken once more.  Racing to solve the disappearances of two young women and their connection, Detective D.D. enlists the help of FBI advocate Samuel Keynes, and her top notch staff.

Talk about a page-turner! I couldn't stop reading.  I loved getting to know Flora and D.D..  The danger, drama, and unthinkable events that occur within the story are at times disturbing, but integral to understanding the ways in which Flora has changed after being kidnapped.  This story digs into the ugliness and brutality of it all.  And then there is D.D. - a woman determined to find Flora.  She works round the clock following leads and clues.  She nips home to kiss her son and reassure her husband she's fine.  D.D. is not going to stop until she finds out who has taken Flora and why.

I absolutely loved reading Find Her by Lisa Gardner.  The writing was terrific! The characters were flawed and real.  And the story was haunting and unforgettable.  I can't wait to read more of Gardner's works!  I would happily recommend Find Her to fans of Gardner and fans of suspense-thrillers - you will LOVE this book!


Brandie said...

Fantastic review, Nadia!! I'm sharing this on my blog's Facebook page. I'm so glad to see how much you loved this book, because I preordered it! Can't wait to start it this week!! I am surprised this is your first Gardner book!! I have enjoyed a few of the books I've read by her. Definitely great at suspense!

Nadia said...

Brandie, thanks so much! I really did enjoy this book - it was so good! I can't believe its my first Gardner book either - LOL! Where have I been that I've missed out? I'm glad you are a fan, because you are going to love this new one! Enjoy and let me know what you think of it :)

Lark said...

I love this kind of suspense novel! Sadly, when I went to put it on hold there were 112 people ahead of me...so it will take at least a month before I get a copy. But I'm excited to give it a read. It reminds me a little of Carla Norton's novels The Edge of Normal and What Doesn't Kill Her, and I loved those books, so I'm sure I'll love this one, too. Thanks for the review! :)

Nadia said...

Lark, 112 people! Cripes! That is quite a wait. Hopefully it will go by quickly and you will have the book in your hand soon enough :) I do hope you enjoy it. I'll have to look up Carla Norton. Sounds like you will enjoy Lisa Gardner though :) Thanks for stopping by!!