Friday, November 18, 2016

Grape, Olive, Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain's Food Culture by Matt Goulding

(Thank you to the publisher and TLC Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book!)
about book:

The author of Rice, Noodle, Fish now celebrates the delectable and sensuous culture and cuisine of Spain with this beautifully illustrated food-driven travel guide filled with masterful narration, insider advice, and nearly 200 full-color photos.

Grape, Olive, Pig is a deeply personal exploration of Spain, a country where eating and living are inextricably linked. Crafted in the “refreshing” (Associated Press), “inspirational” (Publishers Weekly) and “impeccably observed” (Eater.com) style of the acclaimed Rice, Noodle, Fish, and written with the same evocative voice of the award-winning magazine Roads & Kingdoms, this magnificent gastronomic travel companion takes you through the key regions of Spain as you’ve never seen them before.

Matt Goulding introduces you to the sprawling culinary and geographical landscape of his adoptive home, and offers an intimate portrait of this multifaceted country, its remarkable people, and its complex history. Fall in love with Barcelona’s tiny tapas bars and modernist culinary temples. Explore the movable feast of small plates and late nights in Madrid. Join the three-thousand-year-old hunt for Bluefin tuna off the coast of Cadiz, then continue your seafood journey north to meet three sisters who risk their lives foraging the gooseneck barnacle, one of Spain’s most treasured ingredients. Delight in some of the world’s most innovative and avant-garde edible creations in San Sebastian, and then wash them down with cider from neighboring Asturias. Sample the world’s finest acorn-fed ham in Salamanca, share in the traditions of cave-dwelling shepherds in the mountains beyond Granada, and debate what constitutes truly authentic paella in Valencia.

Grape, Olive, Pig reveals hidden gems and enduring delicacies from across this extraordinary country, contextualizing each meal with the stories behind the food in a cultural narrative complemented by stunning color photography. Whether you’ve visited Spain or have only dreamed of bellying up to its tapas bars, Grape, Olive, Pig will wake your imagination, rouse your hunger, and capture your heart.

my thoughts:

Foodie heaven!  Talk about a delectable book that literally makes your mouth water - oh, my!  I absolutely loved Grape, Olive, Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain's Food Culture by Matt Goulding.  It was just such a fun and fascinating read.

I've always wanted to visit Spain and now feel like I have thanks to Goulding's stories about food, culture, and the country.  He shares with us the famous hot spots and the real hot spots of this amazing country - those tourist-ridden places and the out of the way places that truly offer the most delicious Spanish cuisine.  I found myself enjoying Goulding's rich, vivid, and detailed descriptions of the food, the people, and the country.  I could easily imagine wandering around this country enjoying tapas and the local wine. Plus, the terrific photos helped me to see Spain through Goulding's eyes.

Grape, Olive, Pig is a combination of travel writing and food journal - talk about the perfect duo!  The stories are fun and entertaining, but also informative with their historical bent.  I loved reading about the sisters who hunt for barnacles - that was just so cool to learn about.  And I loved reading about some of my favorite foods - migas and paella.  YUM!  This was truly such a great book to dive into.

I would happily recommend Grape, Olive, Pig to fan's of Goulding's first book, Rice, Noodle, Fish - you are going to love this new one just as much (if not more); and fans of travel/foodie types of books - your mouth won't stop watering and you'll booking tickets to Spain in no time!

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Thank you to the publisher and TLC Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book!


Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

This is the kind of armchair traveling I most enjoy - exploring a place and it's cuisine. Delicious!

Thanks for being a part of the tour.

guiltlessreader said...

I'm putting both books on my TBR. Can't go wrong with MORE FOOD :)

Nadia said...

Heather, I know, right?! Loved this book! Thanks for having me on this book tour :)

guiltless reader, YES! You are going to enjoy Goulding so much!