Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Murakami TBR List

I just received my copy of Murakami's latest:
You know I'm going to enjoy reading it - how could I not!?! Its Murakami!!  Of course, I still have a few more of his books on my TBR list.  I'm pacing myself so I don't run out of his work to read.  Here are the books I still have to look forward to:

Not a bad bunch, eh?  The last one is by one of Murakami's translators and sounds like an interesting read. After all, Murakami does love his music, right?  He only owns tens of thousands of records and always mentions music in his stories and used to own a jazz club.  I'm thinking of reading a book of his short stories before the year ends, or maybe I'll kick off the new year with Murakami.  Hmm...who knows?  Either way, I'm just happy I still have some of his books to read.

And now, I'm off to continue reading Superficial by Andy Cohen.  Happy reading!!


guiltlessreader said...

I've only read two of these and now it appears I will be adding more to my own TBR :) And really, whoever hasn't read any Murakami definitely needs to get in the game!

Nadia said...

guiltless reader, you are so right! Murakami is a must-read! Thanks :)

Lisa said...

You do have a lot still to choose from!