Friday, December 30, 2016

Books, books, books...

All I wanted for Christmas were books and that's just what I got.  I'm so grateful and excited for these new books.  Some were for my Vonnegut collection:

Others were for my Jean Rhys and John Kennedy Toole collections:

These were different editions of books I love:

This was a new-to-me series that I wanted to read:

And these were ones that I really wanted:
Talk about an awesome Christmas book haul. I'm beyond thrilled.  Now, I just need to make room for them on my bookshelves. Of course, I may just have to flip through that Frida Kahlo book first.

And now I'm off to look through these new books of mine.  Happy reading!! 


Ti said...

Wow-ie. What a haul. I've been to three bookstores and no one has the new Murakami, I am going to have to order it.

Nadia said...

Ti, I know! I lucked out this Christmas. I never get books and this time round I did :) I'm especially stoked about the Vonnegut ones - my collection finally is complete. That is crazy that no one has the new Murakami - ugh! Definitely order it. I have my copy, but have yet to read it. 2017 will be spent reading all of the Murakami books that I still need to read.

Andi said...

So many beautiful volumes! I'm determined to read some Vonnegut this year. I can't even believe I have't. I have Slaughterhouse and Galapagos on my stacks.

Lark said...

How fun! I love getting new books. (And old, used books.) Looks like you'll have lots to read in the new year. :)

Nadia said...

Andi, thanks ;) And yes, read some Vonnegut!! He is my favorite writer and I love rereading his work - its the best. Hope you enjoy his writing as much as I do :)

Lark, me too! Definitely loads to read in the new year and I love it :) And yes, old used books are special finds that I love receiving as well :)

Brandie said...

Yay for getting books for Christmas! I treated myself to a few, but would've loved a haul like this!! I hope you enjoy every single one of these!
Happy New Year, Nadia!

Nadia said...

Brandie, thanks :) I'm so looking forward to reading them in the new year. Happy New Year to you!!!

Rebecca said...

Great book haul - I can't tell you how jealous I am. I asked for one series from my husband. Instead, I got a bathrobe.
Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review
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Nadia said...

Rebecca, thanks. And I have to admit that's rather funny - a bathrobe instead of the books :) Happy New Year!!