Monday, February 6, 2017

Mini Reviews...

I just finished reading these over the weekend:
Meh.  I was so excited to read the latest Veronica Roth, especially after loving the Divergent series so much.   I was looking forward to an adventure story with a bit of romance thrown in - as per the usual format from her past books.  Instead I found myself reading a book that was chock full of too much information.  And what I mean by that is the fact that this book bordered on dull due to the vast amount of details that Roth wanted to pack into the story.  I get that she wanted to create a whole new world and people, but talk about overload.  I couldn't help but skim this book and wonder why I was even still reading it at one point.  The gist of the story is that Cyra is the sister to a ruthless leader who wants to take over the world.  He uses her to kill people - Cyra's touch causes pain (to the point of death).  Akos is a prisoner and provides Cyra with relief from her painful life.  They fall in love and wind up saving each other throughout the book.  In the end we find out that Cyra is not who she thinks she is.  Let me just say, I'm not so sure I want to find out who she is. 

Four friends (Pia, Wini, Rachel, and Sandra) get together every year for a week of fun and adventure.  Its their time to hang out, catch up, and get away from their families.  This year they are going white water rafting down a river that has never really been rafted on before.  I'm sure you can guess that their trip does not go as planned.  HUGE fights ensue between the women, friendships are tested, and the worst-case scenario occurs almost straightaway.  The guide dies, leaving them lost and helpless (when their raft with all their supplies gets washed away).  What are they going to do?  How about walk towards a fire they smell and eventually see. Hmm...who's making that fire?  Could it be help?  Or could it be their end?  Let me just say that this book was predictable with a capital "P".  I found the characters stereotypical, the dramas cliched, and the overall story to be a letdown.  Not a book I would recommend at all.

A fun read about friendship, family, and first love.  Andie has her summer all planned out and she is excited for it to start.  And then everything falls apart.  Her politician dad is getting investigated and as a result, Andie finds out that her spot at Johns Hopkins is gone.  Devastated, she soon finds herself agreeing to walk dogs for the summer in order to fill her resume.  She also finds out that her dad will be around all summer long - something she is not too happy about.  After her mother passed away, Andie was pretty much left to her own devices.  She's not used to her dad asking where she's going and when she'll be home.  Luckily, her best friends will be in town this summer, which means - fun, fun, fun.  The beach, scavenger hunts, parties, and boys will make this a great summer for Andie and her friends.  Or maybe not?  Talk about the perfect light read to follow up Roth and Ferencik - I needed something fun and fluffy to keep my reading mojo going. I'm glad I picked this one.  Its easy and fun to get caught up in Andie and her friend's summer (mis)adventures. 


And now I'm off to read this book:
https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25756328-love-gelato?ac=1&from_search=trueIts another YA, but this one takes place in Italy - how fun does that sound? I love Italy, so I'm excited to read this one.  After I finish this book I think I'll be in the mood for something a bit more substantial.  If you have any recommendations, please let me know what I should be reading next. 

Happy reading!!


Brandie said...

I'm sorry the Roth book didn't live up to your expectations. That's such a bummer. :(
And I have been on the fence about The River at Night. It just didn't sound like one I could get on board with. Glad I didn't waste my time.
I hope you're enjoying your current read!

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Brandie, yeah it was so disappointing, but they can't all be Divergent, right? Yes, definitely a good thing you didn't waste your time - you would be so disappointed. Thanks :)

Lisa said...

Sometimes something light and fun is just the thing you need and it I find myself enjoying it so much more than I might if i'd read it at another time.

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Lisa, exactly! Sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered - light and fun reads :)