Sunday, March 12, 2017

The MOTH presents All These Wonders: True Stories About Facing The Unknown edited by Catherine Burns

(Thank you to Blogging for Books for providing me with a copy of this book!)
about book:

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of storytelling phenomenon The Moth, 45 unforgettable true stories about risk, courage, and facing the unknown, drawn from the best ever told on their stages

Carefully selected by the creative minds at The Moth, and adapted to the page to preserve the raw energy of live storytelling, All These Wonders features voices both familiar and new. Alongside Louis C.K., Tig Notaro, John Turturro, and Meg Wolitzer, readers will encounter: an astronomer gazing at the surface of Pluto for the first time, an Afghan refugee learning how much her father sacrificed to save their family, a hip-hop star coming to terms with being a “one-hit wonder,” a young female spy risking everything as part of Churchill’s “secret army” during World War II, and more.

High-school student and neuroscientist alike, the storytellers share their ventures into uncharted territory—and how their lives were changed indelibly by what they discovered there. With passion, and humor, they encourage us all to be more open, vulnerable, and alive.

my thoughts:

One of my favorite moments on the tv show GIRLS is when Hannah participates in The Moth Story Slam.  She's finally started writing again, because she has something to say - Go, Hannah! Now, I'd never heard of The Moth, so I was interested to find out what it was. Apparently it is a live event where people that are picked (you put your info on a card that is thrown in a bag and then someone rifles through the bag and picks a name - at least that is what happened on the show) tell a story that has happened to them - be it funny or sad.  It is basically live storytelling and I thought was just awesome.  So, Hannah gets picked and finds out that she can't take her note cards onto the stage - at The Moth you have to do it freestyle.  She gets on stage and dives right in. Hannah tells the story of how her beautiful best friend (Jessa) betrayed her by dating her ex-boyfriend (Adam).  The story is relatable, sad, and hopeful - very Hannah.  And I loved it! I loved watching Hannah experience The Moth and I loved that she was writing again. 

To celebrate 20 years of The Moth, 45 of the best stories ever told on stage have been collected into one book: All These Wonders: True Stories About Facing the Unknown.  How cool is that?! When I saw this book available on Blogging For Books, I requested it straight away. I immediately thought of Hannah and realized that I was interested in learning more about The Moth, but also reading stories that had been told through it.  I just knew that I would be in for some great storytelling and couldn't wait to read it.

I have to admit when I received my copy, I got excited. I didn't know what to expect and yet, I was thrilled to find out.  So, I settled down in a comfy spot and started to read.  And then I read some more. I didn't finish the book all at once. Nope. I savored it. I dipped in and out of it, reading a handful of stories here and there. I relished the honesty and insight these stories showed. I thought about the people who told them. I found myself thinking of stories of mine to tell. I was inspired, delighted and filled with hope at the power of storytelling. These pages were filled with all sorts of trials and tribulations that we have all experienced or can relate to on some level or to some degree.  I absolutely LOVED reading this book!  It made my heart full and I truly enjoyed every minute I spent with All These Wonders.

I would most definitely recommend this book to fans of The Moth, and fans of nonfiction short stories - you will LOVE this book!!

And now, I think I'll go watch that episode with Hannah performing at The Moth.  Maybe, I'll write something of my own afterward.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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