Friday, May 19, 2017

My Friday Five...

1.  My blog.  I feel like I can express myself with personal posts and I really appreciate that. 

2.  Books.  I just purchased these lovelies:

3.   Book culling.  Fail.  I really tried to go through all of my books and get rid of a bunch.  Why? Because I have too many and not enough space for them all. Plus, I know that I won't be reading all of them.  I won't re-read books that I liked, but didn't love. I won't read books that have been sitting on my shelves for years and I still haven't read them.   And yet, I found it so hard to get rid of any books.  I even tried Kondo-ing my books - like, picking the ones that sparked joy to keep and getting rid of the others. In the end, I did manage to get rid of six bags of books (shopping bags).  So, I guess it wasn't a complete fail.  Except, I still have piles of books.

4.  TV shows.  I'm still watching my reality shows, Better Call Saul, and Good Witch.
  • It was a "groundhog's day" episode on Good Witch - the same people having some of the same problems over and over.  Definitely a fun episode.   
  • Better Call Saul was interesting to watch.  Nacho wasn't too happy with Hector demanding that his father help move drugs across to Mexico.  I'm thinking he may be the reason Hector is sitting in that chair on Breaking Bad.  As for Jimmy, well, we finally saw the birth of Saul Goodman Productions - woo hoo!!  I'm hoping this means that by season's end he'll lose Jimmy and become Saul.   
  • Southern Charm was all about quail hunting, jealousy, and relationships.  Seems Shep is jelly over Austen and Chelsea's relationship - although it turns out that Chelsea doesn't want a relationship, she just wants to have fun.  Maybe that means Shep is still in the running.  Thomas couldn't go hunting, because he can't be near guns.  But he can still drink, so he showed up for dinner and to see Landon.  Except Landon was too busy chatting with Austen to notice. Hmm...maybe Shep #2 will become Landon's new beau instead of Thomas. 
  • On Real Housewives of NYC, Sonya is becoming even more annoyed with Tinsley.  I'm thinking Tins needs to move out ASAP.  I also think that Sonya is jelly of Tins being younger and blonder.  Its ridiculous!  Ramona is still whining over B being mad at her.  Carole keeps telling people that her relationship with Adam is never going to progress, but she loves him.  Oh, and he is living in her apartment - she keeps reminding people its her apartment, not theirs. And LuAnn is love drunk.  Apparently, she is ignoring all the gossip that her husband to be is still chatting up other women.  Yep, she'd rather get married and deal with a divorce than call off the wedding - this is according to her friend.  Some friend, eh? 
5.   Music.  
  • Pure Country soundtrack.  I found my copy of the CD in a stack of DVDs and have been listening to it all week long. I love George Strait.  His voice is bliss. 
  • Chris Cornell.  May he rest in peace. Soundgarden. Audioslave.  Temple of the Dog.  So much talent. So many amazing songs.  

And now, I'm off to read the latest copy of O magazine.  Happy reading!!


Brandie said...

I recently fell in love with Chris Lane's music. And I'm loving Believer by Imagine Dragons. OH, and NKOTB released a mini album last week. LOVE it. :)

Have a great weekend, Nadia!

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Brandie, music is seriously the best! I love listening to new stuff and old favorites. I haven't heard of Chris Lane, but will check him out. Hope you have a great weekend, too!!

Lark said...

Hope you have a great weekend! :)

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Lark, thank you! Hope you have a great weekend, too ;)

Lisa said...

I've always heard great things about the Patty Smith books - I really need to pick them up myself one of these days. Hope you enjoy them!

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Lisa, me too! That's why I wanted to read them. I started Just Kids and am already enjoying it so much. I love her writing. Definitely pick them up! Thanks :)

Meredith said...

I usually try to sort through my books in the summer; it's such a hit or miss thing with me. Like you said, inkeep the ones I love, and get rid of the ones that have been sitting for too long. But, I have purged some that then I've gone and repurchased later on! I think the best thing for me to get rid of is socks, or extra lipstick, not books. xo

A Bookish Way of Life said...

M, I love this comment :) And I know exactly what you mean. I've had to repurchase books that I've gotten rid of because at the time I didn't want them anymore. It cracks me up each time this happens, because it has happened more than I'd like to admit. Yes! Getting rid of anything else is so much better than getting rid of books :)

Ti said...

George Strait... yassss.

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Ti, exactly!