Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Summer Reading List...

Summer is nigh and that means books, books, books.  Everywhere I turn people are posting their summer reading lists and its making me want to write my own list. So, here goes:

1.  Elizabeth Strout. I love her writing and have already read (Olive Kitteridge, My Name Is Lucy Barton, Anything Is Possible), so I want to read the rest of her works this summer.

 2.  Nonfiction.  I want to read more nonfiction this summer, so I'm thinking these books will be perfect to dive into.

 3.  This new-to-me series by Genevieve Cogman. There are going to be five books and I own the first three.  I think this summer is the perfect time to get lost in Cogman's fantastical world.

4.  Plus, these other awesome sounding books that have recently caught my fancy.

What do you think? Not a bad list, eh? I think its a pretty good mix and I can't wait to start reading them all.  Of course, I'm always up for suggestions - so, let me know if you have any recommendations.  And, let me know what you plan on reading this summer.  I love finding out which books are on people's radars in the summer time - its always seems to be a fun and eclectic mix of the classics and contemporary fiction. 

Happy reading!!


Patti Smith said...

Abide with Me sounds good! I'm adding that one to my list as well :)

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Patti, it really does, right? I can't wait to read it. Hope you enjoy it :)

Lark said...

That is a great list! I'm hoping to finally read The Secret History by D. Tartt this summer...which you've probably already read. (I'm so behind!) And I also have Olive Kitteridge on my summer reading list along with several mystery series I need to catch up on, and The Widow's House by Carol Goodman, and Lauren Graham's autobiography. I probably won't get to them all, but I'm sure going to have fun trying! :D

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Lark, thanks! I've never read any Tartt, so let me know how it goes :) Definitely read Olive Kitteridge - such a great book! Mysteries are the best, especially for summer reading. Graham's autobiography is interesting and definitely a great way to get to know her. Enjoy your summer reading :)

Ti said...

I just heard about that Hunger book the other day. I mean, I've seen it but haven't really paid attention to it. It looks really good.

Strout. I've not read her! I was going to pitch Lucy Barton to my book club but settled on two other books instead.

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Ti, yeah, I wasn't too sure about it, but then I saw her interview with Noah Trevor on Daily Show and had to get it. Now, I can't wait to read it. OMG! You have to read Strout - her writing is amazing. I LOVED My Name Is Lucy Barton so much. The book is one of those quiet ones that simmers with so much emotion. You need to read her :)

Terra said...

This is a very nice mix of books, I am like you and enjoy novels and nonfiction. The trilogy you list sounds fun. I think my current post of 7 books could be "my summer reads" since I bought 7 books and already read one of them (the Steve Martin memoir.)

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Terra, thanks! The combination of both always make for interesting reading experiences. It really does, so I hope it is :) I think those seven books could definitely count at your summer reads and I love Steve Martin (how was the memoir?).