Thursday, July 13, 2017

Inifinite Summer: A Novel by Edoardo Nesi

(Thank you to Other Press for providing me with a copy of this book!)
about book:

Set in Tuscany in the Seventies, three men share a dream of building a textile factory from scratch, in a time and place when everything still seemed possible

Ivo Barrocciai, the son of a textile artisan and full of enthusiasm, embarks on a slightly over-ambitious undertaking: to build a large factory that will be “the envy of the Milanese.” He involves Cesare Vezzosi, a small building contractor, and Pasquale Citarella, a site foreman from Southern Italy, in the project. Their relationships with their wives, their secret passions, their ambitions and the compromises they have to make form a comical, moving fresco, a family saga, a love story—not only about people, but also about a flourishing nation rich with opportunity and promise.

my thoughts:

Italy during the 70s - what more could I want from a book, right? How about a story that is chock full of unforgettable characters from all walks of life who are filled with hopes and dreams, but flawed in every way imaginable.  Oh, and writing that is rich with creativity - the beauty of the prose drips from the pages and it sweeps you away to Tuscany with its glorious vividness.  Well, I got all of that and more from Edoardo Nesi's latest work, Infinite Summer

Talk about a must-read book for the summer!! I absolutely LOVED Infinite Summer.  I soaked up the descriptions of Italian life and culture with pleasure.  The smells, the sights, and the sounds came to life.  I could imagine myself walking around a piazza, eating gelato, and people-watching.  The sky is blue and cloudless, the air filled with life, and the flea market bustling with shoppers eyeing leather-bound journals and dazzling necklaces.  Its like I'm right there and I can't help but smile.  To be in Italy is to be in bliss. 

The story focuses on capitalism and the textile trade industry via three men: Ivo, Cesare, and Pasquale.  Ivo wants to build the largest textile manufacturing company in all of Tuscany.  He hires Cesare as the contractor and Pasquale as the foreman.  The two men are thrown into new terrain upon learning about Ivo's outlandish expectations for the building and his company.  And yet, through their hard work and determination the trio somehow manage to make things happen.  Its fascinating and eye-opening to learn about the "behind the scenes" machinations of creating and running a textile manufacturing company.  Of course, what makes it all so interesting are the people and their personal lives. Somehow, the personal always manages to intersect with the professional at some point.  I enjoyed getting to know Ivo, Cesare, and Pasquale through their relationships with each other, but mainly through their relationships with their loved ones.  It all made for quite a funny, captivating, and unputdownable read.  I absolutely LOVED Infinite Summer!!

I would happily recommend Infinite Summer by Edoardo Nesi to fans of his work and anyone looking for their next great summer read - you are going to LOVE this book!!

Thank you to Other Press for providing me with a copy of this book!


Terra said...

This novel set in Tuscany sounds appealing.

Aarti said...

Sounds like the setting really won you over with this one! Just reading your review made me REALLY want to eat gelato on an old plaza. And then have pizza and wine for dinner!

Nadia said...

Terra, that's why I wanted to read it. Anything Italy is perfect for me :)

Aarti, it really did. I've been to Italy once and I absolutely LOVED it. So, anything set in Italy is a win for me. Thanks - gelato while sitting outside people watching is the best! Pizza and wine - perfect!