Monday, September 25, 2017

Three Things...

1. Hurricane Irma.  Yep, I live in South FL and that means hurricane season is in full swing.  25 years ago we went through Andrew and suddenly we were facing a hurricane that was described as being worse than Andrew.  Let me tell you, I was freaking out and my anxiety went into overdrive.  Luckily, we were fine in the end.  Just some fallen trees and our fence came down, but nothing major. We lost power, but it was restored sooner than we imagined it would be.  We finally got our cable and internet back today, so that was nice (okay, really nice - I even yelled, "Woo hoo!").  All in all, things are good.  The town still looks a mess, street lights are still out, some places still don't have power, but everyone is cleaning up what they can and trying to move forward.  I'm just counting down the days until hurricane season is over.

2.  Books. You would think not having TV would mean that I would read A LOT.  Well, that didn't happen. I found myself not wanting to read at all.  My mind was just too crowded with so many things, that reading a book just didn't feel right.  And then I received some happy mail in the form of two Christmas themed books and suddenly I was eager to read.  Yep, a Christmas book caught my eye: 
I've read the first two books in this series and loved them so much, that I just knew this new one would be perfect for cheering me up.  Let me just say, it did the trick.  I absolutely loved the latest story set in Mt. Polbearne with its quirky cast of characters (I'll be posting a review at a later date).  Such a fun book!  And now, I'm eager to catch up on my reading. I have tons of mags to get through (the new issue of O magazine is whispering, "read me") and I am itching to read:                      
My friend Ti from Book Chatter is hosting a read along - check it out and join in on the fun!

3.  Fall.  Pumpkin spice lattes are in stock, Halloween decor is everywhere (along with Christmas decor - say what!!?) and the hint of the upcoming holiday season is in the air.  I absolutely LOVE it!! I just finished putting up the Halloween decorations.  I'm already craving a monster cupcake (these delectable treats I make every year).  And, I'm excited to watch scary movies. Oh, and The Walking Dead will be starting up again next month - woo hoo! You gotta love Fall.

And now, I'm off to find something new to read.  Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday.  Happy reading!!


Ti said...

Thanks for the read along plug. At least you will be reading with me. I have three others unofficially joining in but interest has been at all time low. Sort of depresses me but I know people are busy but come on, they are going to read it anyway. LOL.

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Ti, of course :) And you know I'll be reading with you - its King!! That is depressing, but I know what you mean. People are busy, but how can anyone be too busy to read King - LOL!

Lark said...

So glad you came through the hurricane okay!! :D

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Lark, thanks! Me, too :)

Dot said...

I love Jenny Colgan and especially that series! Have not read this one though so shall have to pop it on my Christmas reads list!

Brandie said...

Nadia, I'm just so thankful that you are okay and there was minimal hurricane damage for you to deal with. I can't imagine living in the path and dealing with it all the time!

When I'm stressed, reading takes a backseat, too. Sometimes it's hard to focus on a book. I have an extra credit for BotM, so I'm getting the new Stephen King!! Maybe I will join in the readalong.

I LOVE FALL. Even though it's 95 degrees in Ohio right now. It's supposed to cool down this weekend, hopefully. I love having my decorations up. Please share these monster cupcakes that you make!! I need some new recipes. :)

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Dot, me too! Her books are always such fun to read. This latest one was terrific. Definitely check it out :)

Brandie, thank you so much :) I have to admit that the rest of the year is great, its just when hurricane season rolls around that I start to get tense. Especially as it seems that we've been having too many of them lately. And yes to the reading when stressed (or not reading). It is hard to focus and that's why any book I picked up just didn't suck me in at the time. Luckily, I am back on with my reading :) Yes! That is awesome! Do join in - you are going to LOVE King :) FALL is the BEST!! I know what you mean, its rainy and hot here in FL, but I am still loving that we are finally in FALL. Hopefully you get your cool weather this weekend. I will definitely share the recipe :)

Carol L. said...

She's a new Author for me and now I can't wait too read this series.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com