Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Three Things...

Howdy strangers! Its been so long since I last posted and I have to admit that I've missed writing on my blog. I have a huge stack of books to read and review.  And I need to catch up and read your blog posts, too. I feel so out of the loop.  Hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving - mine was chock full of family and too much food (all of which I love). 

I thought I'd write a quick post sharing three things - something to get my blogging back on track.

1.  Losing weight.  Yes, I want to lose weight to get healthy and feel healthy.  Except that the way I recently lost weight is not my ideal strategy.  So, my sister and I had McDonald's one night for dinner (we were lazy and wanted fast food).  I ordered the Chicken Nugget meal - something I never normally get, but for some reason wanted.  As a result of that meal (which tasted sub par), I wound up getting sick.  Like I was basically chained to the bathroom all night long throwing up. I felt wretched and weak afterward.  And the stomach issues lasted all week long. I wound up losing nearly 12 pounds.  Shortly after that dinner fiasco, I decided on the spur of the moment to join my parents and favorite aunt on a road trip to visit family up north in Ohio.  Well, we ate at a service plaza for dinner one night and I wound up getting sick from that meal (KFC - yes, I know, I need to stop with the fast food).  I spent the week we were in Ohio eating nothing, because everything and anything made me sick. I wound up losing another 10 pounds. So, all in all, I lost over 20 pounds by getting sick on fast food. Talk about an unhealthy diet. Knock wood, I am finally feeling better and so I've been slowly adding foods back into my diet. Healthy foods - tons of veg, fruit, and lean meats. And, I started going to the gym again.  My fingers are crossed that I never throw up again. 

2.  Ohio.  I had not been in ages (since I was in college) and my aunts are getting older (late 70s), so I figured why not go. My parents were already packed and ready to leave when I decided to join them. It was the three of us, plus my favorite aunt.  We drove the whole way and stopped too many times, but enjoyed the road trip.  I have to admit to loving seeing the different states along the way - the leaves are changing, the mountains rise up high, and the fog settles in thick.  Its definitely fun to leave behind the palm trees and sunshine, especially when its Fall.  My mom's family lives in a small town called Fostoria, or as my favorite aunt likes to call it, "the town that time forgot".  She is so right. This town has not changed that much since I last visited (which was sometime in the late 90s).  The only difference between now and then is that more shops have shut down and more homes have been abandoned. Its crazy how so many people live there, but they all work and shop in a different town instead of their own. Driving around, my mom and aunt were reminded of the places they lived and shops they frequented when they lived there.  And seeing my aunts, uncles, and cousins was a blast from the past. Especially, since my favorite uncle came down from NY to see us.  It was so nice to catch up with everyone in person and just talk, laugh, and spend time with each other. Oh, and the weather - freezing! It was in the 20s and low 30s when we there, so we had to borrow jackets and scarves. I had anticipated 40s and 50s, but apparently there was a sudden drop in temperature the week we were there. It was cold and I loved it! Of course, everyone had their fireplaces roaring and their heaters cranked up high.  We made a trip to Amish country and bought tons of their baked goods to enjoy with the family (none of which I could eat).  So much food on this trip! And all I ate were flour tortillas (which were delicious, because they were homemade) and drank ginger ale or water. Ugh! I had to pass on my aunt's tamales (which she made just for us). The not eating was the only downside of the trip.  By the by, I couldn't help but think of that show, Breaking Amish, when we were in Amish country - how crazy is that?!  All in all, it was a great trip and the car came back  loaded with Christmas decor we bought at local craft fairs - I love craft fairs! 

3.  Holidays.  Thanksgiving has come and gone.  And now, we are gearing up for Christmas and the New Year. Talk about time speeding up. I feel like the year is ending much too quickly, but I am certainly looking forward to 2018 - I have my planners all lined up.  Hallmark is on all the time and I am loving all the new Christmas movies they have been showing lately. Of course, whenever I watch them all I do is complain about the lack of diversity and how the women are portrayed - and yet I can't stop watching them.  The tree and house are decorated. Presents are being bought and wrapped. I'm making a list of what to bake.  And I'm already planning what to cook for Christmas dinner and New Year's brunch.  Oh, and my car is loads with Christmas CDs.  I am definitely enjoying the holiday season. 

P.S.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged - how exciting!!  They make such a lovely couple. I watched their interview on the BBC and thought they seemed so happy and in love. I feel like William and Kate are so reserved compared to them. 

Hope you all have a great week!! Happy reading!!


Lark said...

Love your post...you always make me laugh. But I am sorry you were so sick; at least you lost some weight to make up for the ickiness of it all! :D

Nadia said...

Lark, thanks! I'm glad I make you laugh :) I know, right!? Losing the weight was the only plus of being sick. Now, I'm trying to keep it off and lose some more.

Brandie said...

Nadia!! You were only 2 hours away from me! I so wish I could've meet up with you! I can only imagine how different the weather felt for you when you came up here. :) I'm sorry you've been so sick lately. Fast food makes me sick anymore, too. But I'm glad you're on the mend now. Sounds like you still had a great visit with family. I'm so glad to see you back blogging!
Prince Harry getting engaged is so exciting and sweet!

Nadia said...

Brandie, that is crazy?! Only 2 hours away! I can't believe that I could have met up with you :( I plan on going back next year, so we definitely have to make plans to meet up :) Thanks - being sick definitely rots. I am feeling better - finally. I really enjoyed visiting with my family - it had been way too long. And yes, I'm back to blogging. I know - it is so exciting and sweet. They seem so happy and in love - its so nice to see :)