Friday, December 22, 2017

My Friday Five...

1.  Christmas baking.  My sister and I spent two days baking up a storm, while listening to Christmas music. It was fun and exhausting at the same time. We made banana bread, fudge (with and without walnuts), Linzer cookies, pecan bars, sugar cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, and peanut butter blossoms. We taste-tested it all - YUMMY!  And then we packaged it up and delivered it to family and friends.  I am so glad we only do this once a year - I now need a vacation from all the baking.

2.  Books.  I finished reading just the one:


I just love me some Wodehouse.  Always clever and funny to read, his books are truly a treat.  This delightful story had Bertie trying to ensure he didn't have to marry Madeleine Bassett - his worst nightmare is having to get married.  Of course, his task is not an easy one as complications abound.  Luckily, Jeeves is on the scene to ease the dramatics.  Definitely a must-read for Wodehouse fanatics. 

3.  New Books.  Happy mail arrived in the form of these two:


Talk about new and exciting reads! Just Between Us is about four friends trying to cover up a deadly crime - I guess life in suburbia isn't all bake sales and yoga classes.  The Chalk Man is about a group of friends growing up in the 80s who draw "chalk men" to leave each other messages; except one of the messages leads them to a body and nothing is ever the same.  Whoa Nelly, these books sound like fun! I can't wait to devour them over this holiday weekend.  What about you? Which books will you be gobbling up?

4.  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Yep, its back. And I have to admit that I found the premiere episode to be rather lackluster.  In truth, I'd forgotten about all of the drama from last season, so it took me awhile to figure out why all they held grudges against one another.  Anyhow, the ladies are back and ready to share about their glamorous lives - private planes, never-ending closets, shopping sprees, mansion remodels, last minute trips to anywhere they want to go, etc..  And of course, all of the drama that comes with being "friends".  Here's to a new season! 

5.  Happy Holidays!!  Wishing you all the best this holiday season!! Hope you are having a wonderful time with your loved ones!!  And, I do hope you are enjoying some great reads as well. 


Ti said...

I cheated this year and bought pre-made cookie dough from Whole Foods. LOL! They even had gluten free dough so I tried some of that too and it was delicious. No one knew. Shhh.

I am one week into my vacation and it's flying by. I've been sleeping in and just relaxing as much as I know how to. I'm a big candle lighter so all the candles are lit and I am just cleaning up the blog and reading in-between.

Nadia said...

Ti, I love it! I think cheating with pre-made cookie dough is a good idea - something I need to try next year. I'll definitely keep your secret :) Sounds like your vacation is relaxing and peaceful - just what you need. You'll be ready for the new year :)

Brandie said...

Yay for new books! I hope you enjoy them both. I liked Chalk Man, and I'm curious about the other one.
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas, Nadia!

Nadia said...

Brandie, well, I know we both had great Christmases :) Chalk Man was good - I really liked it. I wound up like the Friends book, too. I was in the mood for thrillers and mysteries during the holiday season :)