Monday, January 29, 2018


A school shooting from the perspective of a first-grader named Zach.  Hidden in a closet with his classmates and teacher, Zach hears the "pop" sound from the bullets and feels the fear from everyone around him.  Afterward, he finds out his big brother, Andy (ten years old, fifth grade) was killed, along with eighteen other people. His family is forever changed and as he navigates these changes, he realizes how much he misses his brother, how lonely he really is, and how different his parents have become.  Talk about a heart-wrenching read! I was teared up as I read about Zach's experience hiding out in the closet and the aftermath of that horrible day. Reading about his family through his eyes was eye-opening and just broke my heart.  Such a compelling story.  I would definitely recommend.
Dahlia was living the life at Harvard and looking forward to becoming a lawyer.  One night she goes out with her BFF and the next thing she knows, she's been the victim of a brutal assault that she can't remember.  Terrified, she leaves school and goes home.  Fast forward, she's now a paralegal who spends all her free time with her new BFF.  Her past is her past, or so she thinks.  Unfortunately, one day at work, she finds a group of lawyers watching a video in the break room - a video of her being gang-raped. Horrified and shocked, Dahlia now knows what happened to her that night.  And now she's ready to exact revenge on her attackers.  This was a quick read, that I skimmed through.  It was predictable and cliched.  Not a book I would recommend.
Kate has just lost a case and now needs something big to help boost her career.  Luckily, a new case has fallen into her lap and the defendant is someone well-known in the government, which means publicity for the trial (and Kate).  James has been accused of raping a co-worker (someone he'd had an affair with recently).  His wife is horrified and heart-broken over these allegations made against her husband.  As the trial proceeds, we learn about these characters' histories, connections, and their agendas.  Its a good story that does reel you in, however it is really predictable.  The characters are rather annoying or just plain awful - you care about them to a tiny degree.  Of course, the main question is "Will James be found guilty?".  Then again, a good-looking, rich and educated man tends to do as he pleases and never pays the price - especially when your BFF is the PM.  All in all, a solid read that I gobbled up on a rainy day.
Loved this latest book by Paris.  OMG! I was absolutely hooked from the start and couldn't figure out who was behind anything. I would guess one thing and then be second guessing my choice a minute later. I loved the suspense and mystery - so gripping! I hated the characters, because they were just awful.  And yet, I could not help but love reading their story. So so good! Finn and Layla go away together.  At a rest stop, he goes to the bathroom, comes out and she's gone.  No one ever finds her.  Fast forward and he is now engaged to Ellen - Layla's sister!! Yep, how crazy and wrong does that seem?  Life is moving along smoothly, until one day when a little Russian doll makes an appearance.  After that, Finn's life is on a downward spiral.  Seems that maybe Layla isn't missing after all.  I won't say anything else, just that you should read this one - its such a fun one! Absolutely LOVED it!!


Brandie said...

So, I've been on the fence about reading Paris' new book. I have a copy, but didn't love the last book I read. I think I'm going to have to try it now!!

Nadia said...

Brandie, I know what you mean. I didn't like the last book either and read this one on a whim. I wound up really enjoying it. Maybe you'll figure it out before I did. I thought I had at first, but then I was thrown for a loop and well, I didn't figure it out in the end. Hope you enjoy it :)

Lark said...

Can't wait to read Bring Me Back and find out what happens! :)

Nadia said...

Lark, yes! Read it and let me know what you think :)