Sunday, January 7, 2018

Three Things...

1.  Happy New Year!!! Yes, I know that I'm a week late, but it couldn't be helped. I kicked off 2018 with the flu - ugh.  I've been sick all week and its been the worst.  Luckily, I am finally starting to feel like myself.  Fingers crossed that this flu has finally left me.  Now, I can say that the only positives from being sick are:  I did get plenty of rest, I lost five pounds, and I have read so many books (a book a day to be precise).  So, all in all, it wasn't a completely horrible week.

2.  Bookish goals for 2018.  I have none.  I just plan on reading.  I want to read whatever catches my fancy. I want to read the books on my shelves. I want to read anything and everything.  I just want to read as much as I can this year.  Fingers crossed to keeping my reading mojo going all year long.

By the by, here are the books I've read so far in 2018 (reviews to come):





3.  Blogging in 2018. I just want to keep on blogging. I want to write about about books. And I want to write about anything that interests me. I just want to write.

Hope 2018 is a fantastically bookish year for us all - cheers!!

p.s.  Here are the two books I ended 2017 on (reviews to come):



Andi said...

Oh no! I hope you're feeling much, much better. My kiddo's dad has had the flu, and we have stayed far, far away! I hear it's a real doozy.

techeditor said...

I read The Wife Between Us. I'll tell you what I thought of it when you review it.

Brandie said...

Nadia, I hope you're feeling much better!! We got hit with the flu/cold in our house the past two weeks, too. It was a brutal virus. Kept me out of it for a week! I'm finally feeling like myself today. I hope you are too! At least reading a book a day isn't too bad!! :) Lots of awesome books to look forward to. I just got a copy of Mrs. Parrish and The Woman in the Window.

Ti said...

Everyone is getting hit so hard with this flu! I'm glad you are feeling a little better but man. I am back at work today and hoping no one coughs on me! LOL! They tend to do that when I have been gone for a long vacation.

You've read a lot of books. I was feeling so accomplished with the three I've read for the year but you one-upped me big time.

Lark said...

Sorry you got the flu! I have no bookish goals for this year either. I just want to have fun. so, here's to a wonderful year of reading and blogging! :)

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Andi, thanks! I know, this flu is awful. I keep hoping I wake up feeling better :(

Brandie, I feel a little better, but this cough won't go away - ugh! That's awful everyone got sick at your house - especially during the holidays. That totally sucks! I'm so glad you are finally feeling better :) Yeah, the reading part has been great. So many great books! I think you'll like both of those books. I really enjoyed The Woman in the Window.

Ti, its true - this flu is the worst and everyone knows it. Thanks :) I do feel better today than I did last week. Stay away from anyone who's coughing when you are work - fingers crossed you can :) Yeah, I've been reading like crazy. Normally I would watch TV, but books are calling to me instead of reality TV. I think three books is great :) I just had to on-up you though - LOL!

Lark, thanks! I read your post and loved it. I think its smart to have no bookish goals for the year - means you'll get to enjoy so many more books than you could imagine. And you will have fun, too. Cheers to you, too!!