Friday, August 10, 2018

My Friday Five...

1.  Summer, can you hear me? Meaning, is it still summer? It sure feels like it - the hot sun is glaring at me every time I leave the house.  Except, I just went to Michaels and saw Halloween and Christmas decorations.  Now, the Halloween decor was expected (since they always seem to rush through the seasons), but the Christmas goodies were a shock. Those I did not expect to see - at least, not yet.  Then again, all the Hallmark Channel seems to do is promote their upcoming Christmas movies.  So, I guess Christmas is on the brain for everyone already - Yikes! Although, secretly, I love it - Christmas is my favorite time of year.

2.  Books.  I've just finished these lovelies (three were rereads):



and I'm currently reading:


3.  TV shows.  OC Housewives - OMG! Tamra broke her foot in a hot tub and now she's using a little scooter to get around. Kelly supposedly forgave Vicki, but not really.  And Vicki expects respect, even though she hasn't earned it.  Plus, she still doesn't get that she was WRONG - apparently, Vicki set up Kelly's ex-husband up with a friend and now she is double dating with them. Seriously?! How crazy is that? So, yeah, the episode was drama-filled.  As for Better Call Saul - whoa! This new season is going to be amazing. Jimmy is starting to turn Saul-ish and its going to be interesting watching that transformation occur.

4.  Rereads.  I'm not an IG expert, so I only just discovered Patti Smith's IG account. So, of course now I'm obsessed with her posts and jotting down any book titles she mentions.  And, now I'm thinking of rereading Just Kids and The M Train.  I'll probably wait to read Just Kids, because I want to get the new illustrated version coming out later this year.  However, The M Train sounds like a good idea to me right about now.  Plus, I just added this new-to-me book she mentioned to my TBR pile:

Have any of you read this one? How was it?

5.  The National.  I am just really digging this band right now. I am all over their music and loving every minute of it. Amazing!! I've seen their NPR Tiny Desk Concert episode on YouTube so many times:

And now, I'm off to help my little sister pack.  She's moving into a new apartment with her boyfriend and lets just say, she has a lot of handbags and shoes to pack up. Wish me luck!

Happy reading!!


Brandie said...

I'm really curious about Goodbye, Paris and if it's worth adding to my list. I've seen it a lot lately on blogs. What do you think so far?

Summer has flown by, but I am ready for fall. Not Christmas, though. Lol. I don't want to skip ahead that far. :)

Ti said...

I don't like to rush things but even though I always look forward to fall, this year it's really looking good to me. It's just so DEAD here. Everything is brown. Plus my summer was poop with all that summer school nagging I was doing.

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Brandie, add it to your list. Such a good one! Yes, summer went by too crazy fast. :)

Ti, me too! I love Fall and all the holidays that come with it :) I can dig what you mean - the heat is crazy over here, which makes getting into the holidays difficult (but not impossible :))