Friday, November 9, 2018

My Friday Five...

1.  Yearbooks.  Is it me or does anyone ever wonder what to do about old high school yearbooks.  I've been in a decluttering mode - I'm all about trying minimalism lately and old yearbooks seem like they don't belong in that mindset.  Plus, I don't really see myself going through them when I'm 70 or something. Is that just me? My sister says I should keep them. I was thinking of recycling them. What do you all do with nostalgia-like objects? Let me know - thank you!!

2.  Books.  I just finished reading these:


3.  The Walking Dead.  WTF! That show is seriously going downhill. The "Rick Grimes" ep consisted of him having fever dreams, clutching his side in pain, and a crowd of walkers following after him. It was to say the least a complete bore.  Such a letdown. I really expected more of a sendoff for the main character of the series.  Except, it wasn't a sendoff, because apparently they are going to make a Rick Grimes movie on AMC. Say what? Yep, he didn't die. Jadis saved him and he was last seen with her on a helicopter - alive.  So, what happened? Could the writers not think of anything else to do for Rick's character? And why didn't they include Carl or Glenn in Rick's fever dreams - Carl was his life and he didn't even see him? Really? Instead he saw Sascha? Made no sense.  Oh, and at the end, they flashed forward six years and now Judith (who never spoke or did anything) is a mini-Carl (hat and gun).  Yeah, I think I'm done with the show. So disappointed.

4.  Book.  I am excited about reading this new one:

5.  Christmas music is all I am continuing to listen to and I am LOVING it.  And I just really love this Mariah Carey  song:

And now, I'm off to continue decorating my office for Christmas. Happy reading!!


bermudaonion said...

There are places that buy old yearbooks but I'm not sure what they do with them. My son's are in our house but I don't know where my old ones are.

The Michelle Obama book looks fantastic!

Ti said...

I will not let you get rid of your yearbooks. No.

Are you ready for the six year time jump? The Walking Dead is turning into that horrible Red Machete short that they showed during FEAR. The writers can't seem to write a story with any kind of longevity.

AHS was good. I am looking forward to this week's finale but also can't believe it's over this week.

Lark said...

How was The Printed Letter Bookshop? As for yearbooks, my sister threw hers away, but I still have mine. In a box somewhere. I don't look at them, but I'm just not ready to let them go... yet. And I had to stop watching The Walking Dead. It just got too frustrating and not fun any more. Which is sad. 'Cause I really did like it.

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Kathy, there are? Wow, I didn't know that. I'm not sure if I find that truly weird or not :) Her book does look fantastic, doesn't it?

Ti, LOL! I love that response :)
I am ready, because I want to see how Michonne, Daryl, and Carol are. But, I'm also not, because what have they done with our show?!!
I need to watch this week's - I can't wait! I also can't believe its already going to end - what?! Too soon!!

Lark, it was sooo good! Loved it!! I can understand keeping them - my sister keeps telling me to keep mine. I can also agree with what your sister did, too :) Yes! TWD is majorly frustrating - ugh! Its turned into such a disappointing show :(

Brandie said...

I cleared out a lot of stuff in my attic, but allowed myself one box of childhood memories, and I kept my yearbooks. I doubt I'll ever look through them, but if some day my daughter wants to, I still have them. I kept prom photo albums and a few other things like that. I figured one box is a good compromise. :)
My husband used to love TWD, but stopped watching it last season. I'm sorry it ended up being such a disappointment!!
I think we're putting up our tree tomorrow. The dilemma we have is a kitten who I'm worries is going to trash it. We have to come up with a plan to keep her away.
Michelle Obama is so beautiful. I hope you enjoy the book!

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Brandie, awesome about clearing out the attic :) I think that keeping some childhood stuff is always a good idea. I have some of mine, but for some reason my high school yearbooks are just not something I think I want to keep. Makes sense to keep yours so you can show your daughter - I never thought about that. I don't have kids, but if I did then I might keep my yearbooks then. Your husband was right to quit watching TWD - it went downhill and is just not my cup of tea anymore. Yay for putting up your tree - saw it on IG and it looks so pretty! Hopefully your kitten will stay away from it ;) I agree with you about Michelle Obama - she is beautiful . I can't wait to start reading her book :)