Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Three Things...

1.  Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.  This is the channel that shows Christmas movies that are on the sad side.  So, whilst I do watch some movies on this channel, I tend to focus on the other Hallmark channel for my holiday movie fix. Which of course means that I might miss out on something good. And lo and behold, I missed out. Turns out that this year HMM aired a movie, Once Upon a Christmas Miracle, about a woman with AIH. Yep, my illness. How crazy is that? Especially, since AIH is rare. Let me just say I was excited to hear about this movie and that HMM was bringing awareness to a rare disease - thank you, HMM!! So, the film is based on a true story, which sounds more Lifetime than Hallmark to me. Anyhow, its about a young woman who finds out that she has stage 4 AIH, which means that she needs a liver ASAP.  Fortunately, this man hears about her story and decides that he wants to give her part of his liver.  So, he does.  And, then they fall in love and get married. Talk about unbelievable!  So, now I have to watch this movie and share about it.


2.  Books.  I finished reading the new Maisie Dobbs, The American Agent,  which comes out next year. I was so excited to get my hands on an ARC of it - that series is one of my favorites!  Anyhow, it was a lot of fun catching up with Maisie and her family/friends. Now of course I can't wait to read the next book in the series - ugh! Oh well, I can look forward to What Would Maisie Do? by Winspear - also comes out next year.  I did finally start Becoming by Michelle Obama and let me just say - Wow! What a book! I am LOVING it so much. I'm really enjoying getting to know her and find so many of her stories relatable, which makes reading the book even more fun.  I'm thinking of following up the Obama book with Stephen King's, The Sun Dog. I just got a copy of it and want something short and spooky - so, I'm thinking King will do the trick. 


3.  Music. I'm trying to find new-to-me Christmas music, so I bought the Michael Buble CD, Christmas. So far, I'm really enjoying it.

And now, I'm off to continue reading Becoming. Hope you all are having a great week. Happy reading!!


bermudaonion said...

That movie sounds terrific. I like the fact that it entertains as well as brings awareness.

Becoming is so good - the Obamas story is an amazing one.

Brandie said...

That Michael Buble album is one of my favorites!! Love it.

That's really cool about the movie! I hope you're able to watch it!

Nadia said...

Kathy, it does, and I can't wait to see it now :) I'm in the middle of the book now and absolutely LOVE it!!

Brandie, great! I was on the fence buying it, but now I am loving it :) Such good music! Yeah, it really is. Love that it brings awareness. Thanks ;)

Ti said...

I've never even heard of The Sun Dog!

Terra said...

That movie sounds intriguing and I am reading the Maisie Dobbs series, I still have several to go. Now I want to check out the Buble album.

Nadia said...

Ti, me either! Apparently, it was part of one of his collections that I never read. The story was so good! Classic King :)

Terra, the movie was great and the Dobbs series is the best. Such a fun album :)

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