Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Three Things...

1.  Okay, so I've been seeing posts about the concept of low spending. As someone who is addicted to purchasing books, journal covers, and notebooks...hmm...well, I thought I should consider the idea. But, truthfully, is it even possible? Isn't "low spend" just another phrase for "budget".  I mean, right? Or, am I not getting it? One person I saw still spent several hundred dollars and admitted to spending more than he had planned. It seems to me that as soon as you say "low spend" or "no spend" that you are going to spend. Its like a bad diet. I will not eat cookies and then I binge on cookies because I felt sad about something. I know one is emotional, but isn't the other one, too? Anyhow, I digress. My point is that "low spend" seems to be people still spending money. So, I think I will pass on this idea of "low spend".  

2.  Planners. What to choose? 2020 is not here yet, but everyone seems to be freaking out over what planners to use next year. And, I'm one of them. Ack! Especially, since Hobonichi released their lineup of new covers - oh, my! I want so many! I'm just not so sure I want to use a Hobonichi planner next year. I already own several undated ring planners that I should be using...except I sort of fell out of love with that style. I've been using Midori and Traveler's Company this year. And a weeks from Hobonichi. I wanted to try a variety to see what would stick. I've come to the realization that I like having different planners for different things. I have the Traveler's Company for bills/budget, the Midori for appointments, birthdays, etc.  And, I have the Hobonichi weeks for book blogging and a Hobonichi cousin for my gratitude journal. Oh, and I have a huge FLOW calendar on my wall. Yikes! I would like to consolidate some of the planners - the book blogging and general one. But, then again, I like what I like. And, I like the different planners for different things. Hmm...what about you? What you do you use? Do you even use a planner? Or are you like my sister and you just keep everything scheduled on your phone? What do you recommend?

3.  Books.  I just finished reading:

I have to say that I really enjoyed them both. the Badass book is basically a bunch of self-empowerment ideas/statements that you already know, but that its good to be reminded of.  Like, you have what you need to become the person you want to be. Or, the reactions you have to situations are your feelings about that situation, but its not the truth about the situation.  And, other people's negative energy/thoughts are theirs not yours.  So, I jotted these things down and found myself feeling energized.  As for the Artistic Voice book, I read that one in the hopes of getting inspired to write more. I'm not an artist with paint or photography, but I write. That's my creative outlet. And I do enjoy art, so I figured this would be an interesting read. And, it was. I liked reading about the different artists and how they discovered their artistic voice.  I like the advice of creating as much work as you can and even its not any good, you keep on creating. Throw it out and just create more. Its the fact that you keep showing up and creating that is everything. That is what gets you to find your artistic voice. Or at least, its one of the things. Its all a process in the end, right?

And now, I want something in the fiction genre to read. Not sure what though. I am still waiting for my copy of the new Yoko Ogawa - hurry up! I chose book depository and forgot that even though its free shipping it does take forever to get the books. Ack! So, what to read...hmm...any suggestions for me? I was thinking of Little Women, because I just saw the  trailer for the new film version of it. However, I tend to read that one during winter time. Well, let me know if you have any recommendations.

I'm off to read my new copy of O and Vogue - Taylor Swift is on the cover of Vogue and O has Oprah and Gayle. Should be fun. Hope you have a great day!! Happy reading!!


bermudaonion said...

My version of low spend is to try to wait until something's on sale to buy it. lol I'm just not good at budgeting.

I can't believe it's time to think about planners already!

Brandie said...

I try so hard to not spend, but it's impossible. I really love living like a minimalist, but sometimes I need new books and clothes. haha :)

Lark said...

Here's hoping you get the new Ogawa soon!!

Ti said...

I am an incredible saver if I never go out. Just a short trip to anywhere for am much needed item nearly always results in three items I do not need and me forgetting the buy the one I actually went to buy. But if I stay home, I quickly talk myself of whatever I thought I needed. Low spending. Please. LOL.

Nadia said...

Kathy, that's a good idea. And, I know what you mean - budgeting is the worst and I am horrible at it ;) Yes! Picking planners is already here - too fast!

Brandie, I know! Minimalist living sounds good, but its hard. Books are a must, so I'm not sure I could ever be a true minimalist :)

Lark, thanks!!

Ti, exactly! Low spending isn't real :) LOL!