Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Darwin Affair: A Novel by Tim Mason

(Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book!)
about book: (from Goodreads)

Get ready for one of the most inventive and entertaining novels of 2019—an edge-of-your-seat Victorian-era thriller, where the controversial publication On the Origin of Species sets off a string of unspeakable crimes.

London, June 1860: When an assassination attempt is made on Queen Victoria, and a petty thief is gruesomely murdered moments later—and only a block away—Chief Detective Inspector Charles Field quickly surmises that these crimes are connected to an even more sinister plot. Was Victoria really the assassin’s target? Are those closest to the Crown hiding something? And who is the shadowy figure witnesses describe as having lifeless, coal-black eyes?

Soon, Field’s investigation exposes a shocking conspiracy in which the publication of Charles Darwin’s controversial On the Origin of Species sets off a string of murders, arson, kidnapping, and the pursuit of a madman named the Chorister. As the investigation takes Field from the dangerous alleyways of London to the hallowed halls of Oxford, the list of possible conspirators grows, and the body count escalates. And as he edges closer to the Chorister, he uncovers dark secrets that were meant to remain forever hidden.
Tim Mason has created a rousing page-turner that both Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would relish and envy.

my thoughts:

What a fun, engaging, and intriguing story! I LOVED Tim Mason's novel, The Darwin Affair.

Set in London in 1860, this book rounds up a familiar cast of characters from history for us to interact with. We have Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Karl Marx, Charles Dickens, and Charles Darwin - talk about an eclectic bunch. And, Chief Detective Inspector Charles (yes, another Charles) Field has to deal with them all as he tries to figure out whether or not an assassination attempt was in fact made on Queen Victoria or Prince Albert? He believes it has to do with the latter, but no one seems to agree with his theory. Apparently Prince Albert it set to honor Darwin - he plans to knight him.  Except, Darwin's Theory of Evolution doesn't sit well with a lot of people and the idea of him being honored is not something everyone is pleased with. In fact, a select group have decided to hire a man referred to as the Chorister - a man so evil that killing is his favorite game.  Let's just say that as a result of this decision, all hell breaks loose and CDI Fields is on the hunt for a madman that may very well cost him his life.

Talk about a suspense-filled thriller with just the right amount of mystery to keep you guessing. I just loved stepping into the Victorian era and running through the streets of London withe CDI Fields. This book was such a treat to read. I enjoyed the history, the characters, the thrills, and the story itself. What a great book to get lost in!

I would happily recommend The Darwin Affair to fans of Tim Mason and anyone looking for their next great mystery-thriller - you will LOVE this book to bits!!

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book!

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