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The Black Swan Of Paris by Karen Robards

(Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book!)
about book:

For fans of The Alice Network and The Lost Girls of Paris comes a thrilling standalone by New York Times bestselling author Karen Robards about a celebrated singer in WWII occupied France who joins the Resistance to save her estranged family from being killed in a German prison.

In Occupied France, the Resistance trembles on the brink of destruction. Its operatives, its secrets, its plans, all will be revealed. One of its leaders, wealthy aristocrat Baron Paul de Rocheford, has been killed in a raid and the surviving members of his cell, including his wife the elegant Baronness Lillian de Rocheford, have been arrested and transported to Germany for interrogation and, inevitably, execution.

Captain Max Ryan, British SOE, is given the job of penetrating the impregnable German prison where the Baroness and the remnants of the cell are being held and tortured. If they can't be rescued he must kill them before they can give up their secrets.

Max is in Paris, currently living under a cover identity as a show business impresario whose star attraction is Genevieve Dumont. Young, beautiful Genevieve is the toast of Europe, an icon of the glittering entertainment world that the Nazis celebrate so that the arts can be seen to be thriving in the occupied territories under their rule.

What no one knows about Genevieve is that she is Lillian and Paul de Rocheford's younger daughter. Her feelings toward her family are bitter since they were estranged twelve years ago. But when she finds out from Max just what his new assignment entails, old, long-buried feelings are rekindled and she knows that no matter what she can't allow her mother to be killed, not by the Nazis and not by Max. She secretly establishes contact with those in the Resistance who can help her. Through them she is able to contact her sister Emmy, and the sisters put aside their estrangement to work together to rescue their mother.

It all hinges on a command performance that Genevieve is to give for a Gestapo General in the Bavarian town where her mother and the others are imprisoned. While Genevieve sings and the show goes on, a daring rescue is underway that involves terrible danger, heartbreaking choices, and the realization that some ties, like the love between a mother and her daughters and between sisters, are forever.

my thoughts:

What a fantastic story!! Karen Robards has created a world filled with espionage, love, family, war, and singing that is just amazing. I absolutely LOVED The Black Swan Of Paris - it was such a thrilling and entertaining read. I was gripped from the start and could/would not put the book down for anything. It was just soooo good!!

Its WWII.  Genevieve is a singer beloved by the Nazis.  This means she can pretty much go about as she pleases and can perform anywhere.  She loathes the Nazis, but needs must during war times prevents her from expressing her true feelings. Instead she hides her real identity from everyone and keeps on singing. Her manager is named Max and he's also keeping secrets.  The two are a formidable pair who keep things strictly business in order to keep on performing and surviving.  Estranged from her family, Genevieve has no idea how they are faring during WWII.  Turns out, her parents are involved with the Resistance and her mother has been taken. She's being tortured for information and once they get what they want from her she will be executed. Genevieve gets in touch with her sister and formulates a plan to help their mother escape from the Nazis. Its dangerous, smart, and must be put into action immediately.  The only catch is, who can Genevieve really trust in these times?

Talk about a thrilling and captivating read! I found myself in deep and unable to stop reading late into the night. I just had to find out what would happen next. Would they succeed with their plan? Would Genevieve's mom survive? Would Genevieve survive? What about Max? So many questions and thoughts throughout this engrossing and exciting story!

I would absolutely recommend The Black Swan Of Paris to fans of Karen Robards and anyone looking for their next great read - you will LOVE this book to bits!!

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book!

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