Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Lies My Memory Told Me by Sacha Wunsch

(Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book!)

about book:

From the thrilling voice of Sacha Wunsch comes a heart-stopping psychological mystery in a world where memories can be shared—but maybe not trusted.

Enhanced Memory changed everything. By sharing someone else’s memory, you can experience anything and everything with no risk at all: learn any skill instantly, travel the world from home, and safeguard all your most treasured secrets forever. Nova’s parents invented this technology, and it’s slowly taking over their lives. That’s where Nova comes in. She can pick up the slack for them—and she doesn’t mind. She knows Enhanced Memory is a gift, and its value outweighs its costs.

But Kade says Nova doesn’t even know the costs. Kade runs a secret vlog cataloging real experiences, is always on the move, and he’s strangely afraid of Nova—even though she feels more comfortable with him than she ever has with anyone. Suddenly there are things Nova can’t stop noticing: the way her parents don’t meet her eyes anymore, the questions no one wants her to ask, and the relentless feeling like there’s something she’s forgotten.

But there’s danger around every corner, and her own home might be the most dangerous place of all.

my thoughts:

Lies My Memory Told Me by Sacha Wunsch is a story with a great idea - Enhanced Memory (sharing memories, which enables you to learn new skills, travel the world, and pretty much live a life you never would have had access to normally. Talk about science fiction at its best. 

Nova's parents are scientists and they have invented a new technology - Enhanced Memory.  They are obsessed with their invention and pretty much forget about their daughter.  Nova doesn't seem to mind as she believes this new technology to be a gift, so she's willing to endure their neglect.  And then she meets Kade, a boy who questions the concept of enhanced memory.  He tells her its dangerous and she soon begins to question the true value of her parent's latest invention. Whoa! Talk about science, morals, and the value of memories. Lies My Memory Told Me is an interesting story that will take you on Nova's journey, as she tries to figure out the truth behind Enhnaced Memory and what it all really means for her, her family, Kade, and the world. 

I would happily recommend this book to fans of YA novels - you will Love this book! Check it out!

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book!

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