Thursday, August 18, 2022

Winter's Reckoning: A Novel by Adele Holmes, M.D.

(Thank you to the publisher and TLC Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book!)


about book: (summary from Goodreads)

Forty-six-year-old Madeline Fairbanks has no use for ideas like "separation of the races" or "men as the superior sex." There are many in her dying Southern Appalachian town who are upset by her socially progressive views, but for years--partly due to her late husband's still-powerful influence, and partly due to her skill as a healer in a remote town with no doctor of its own--folks have been willing to turn a blind eye to her "transgressions." Even Maddie's decision to take on a Black apprentice, Ren Morgan, goes largely unchallenged by her white neighbors, though it's certainly grumbled about. But when a charismatic and power-hungry new reverend blows into town in 1917 and begins to preach about the importance of racial segregation, the long-idle local KKK chapter fires back into action--and places Maddie and her friends in Jamesville's Black community squarely in their sights. Maddie had better stop intermingling with Black folks, discontinue her herbalistic "witchcraft," and leave town immediately, they threaten, or they'll lynch Ren's father, Daniel. Faced with this decision, Maddie is terrified . . . and torn. Will she bow to their demands and walk away--or will she fight to keep the home she's built in Jamestown and protect the future of the people she loves, both Black and white?

my thoughts:

Winter's Reckoning by Adele Holmes, M.D. is historical fiction at its very best! The writing is smart, detailed, and captivating. The characters are intriguing and unforgettable. And, the story is superb! I mean it! History, racism, medicine, culture, tradition, and so much more. What a story!

Holmes has created a terrific story that will mesmerize right from the start. You won't be able to help but fall in deep with Maddie Fairbanks and her assistant, Ren Morgan; along with the Southern Appalachian town they reside in. There is so much drama embroiled in the political climate of the time that will make your blood boil - the hate, racism, and ignorance are just too awful for words. And yet, Maddie's compassion and her friendship with Ren, inspire hope and courage for the future.  Oh, and the 'winter's reckoning' comes in the form of a huge ice storm which isolates the townspeople and leads to further chaos and upheaval.  Talk about a fascinating and unputdownable read!

I would happily recommend Winter's Reckoning to anyone and every one looking for their next great read. Check it out ASAP!

Thank you to the publisher and TLC Book Tours for proving me with a copy of this book!

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