Friday, May 26, 2023

The Revenge List: A Novel by Hannah Mary McKinnon


(Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book!)

about book:

As a therapy exercise, a woman writes a list of people she wants to forgive, and thinks nothing of it when she loses it in an Uber…until one by one the people on the list become victims of freak accidents. Set in Portland, Maine, Hannah Mary McKinnon’s breakout suspense novel THE REVENGE LIST will appeal to fans of Lisa Unger, Joshilyn Jackson, and Tarryn Fisher.

Following an epic run-in with a client who threatened to pull out of a contract at her father’s company if she doesn’t suffer some consequences, Frankie Morgan agrees to go to anger management. With the business struggling with cash-flow and her brother needing help with the medical bills for his sick daughter, she can’t risk harming the business further. But that doesn’t mean she’ll be happy about attending.

During the first session, the group is asked to spend some quiet time exploring their pasts and sitting with the emotions that generates, before making a start on a Forgiveness List—a list of people with whom they’re angry and might work on forgiving. She begrudgingly goes along with it and doesn’t worry too much when she forgets the list in an Uber on her way home. It shouldn’t matter—it was just a therapy exercise—except a few days later the first person on that list is injured in a freak accident. When the second person gets hurt, she hopes it’s coincidence. After the third is targeted, she knows it’s a pattern. And she’s in trouble. Because the next name on that list is…hers.

my thoughts:

Fun, fun, fun! What a thrilling and exciting story! I LOVED The Revenge List by Hannah Mary McKinnon - it it this summer's MUST-READ!!

Frankie's been sent to anger management thanks to her dad - she works at her dad's construction company and had an incident with a client. She says he sexually harassed her, but he denies it and her father doesn't want to lose his business, so Frankie has to suffer the consequences in the form of therapy - anger management.  She knows they need the business, so she unhappily agrees to go. At their first meeting, they are asked to write out a Forgiveness List consisting of people that have hurt them but that they can find a way to forgive. So, Frankie writes her list and winds up losing it on the way home. She doesn't think much of it at the time, except a few days later, the people on her list start getting hurt. Say what? Yep, someone is using Frankie's Forgiveness List as a Revenge List - whoa! And she is freaking out, because her name is on the list. Who stole her list? Why are they doing this? What is going to happen to Frankie? So many questions and so many twists and turns make this suspenseful story unputdownable. I mean it, this is one book you can't stop reading - you have to find out whodunit and why. I know, I enjoyed getting caught up in Frankie's drama and trying to figure out what was really going. The writing was top notch and had me hooked right from the start. The characters were flawed and unlikeable and annoying and just the best kind to love and hate. Oh, and the story was terrific - I loved the mystery and the tension from the suspense of it all. Such a great read!

I would happily recommend The Revenge List to anyone and everyone - you will LOVE this book! Make sure to check it out!

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book!

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